Jonker Walk Malacca

Jonker Walk Malacca (雞場街) is the place to be when you visit. The lane will be closed to traffic in the evenings and stalls will line the streets.

Do take note Jonker Walk night market is only open on Friday, and weekends.

Many tourists will meet at landmark 三叔公 (GPS 2.194958, 102.248342). This red building has a few floors selling local delicacies (土产).  

We would recommend starting your Jonker Walk Malacca trail at around 1800. It will be very crowded by 1830. It might be a good idea for kids to enjoy some light dinner (street snacks) beforehand.

Jonker Walk Malacca
Jonker Walk Malacca

Food, shopping, little bit of sight-seeing. Now that our kids are bigger, they are more adventurous when it come to new food and experience 🙂


We took our time to tour the night market, and pinched our dinner here and there.

Ear rings and accessories for the girl. There are a lot of toys to attract the kiddos too. Karaok anyone, you can peep inside the clan associations.

Jonker 88 (GPS 2.196664, 102.246669) would be one of the tourist hotspots. The iconic chendol would be a welcome respite from the merciless Sun.

YES, we are recommending you to visit Jonker 88 before Jonker Walk (market) opens at night, otherwise no seating space.

Jonker 88 is next to the muscle builder.

Food, drink, tidbits, something for everyone to enjoy. And we can still takeaway (打包) cheese tarts back to our accommodation.

A few stalls are selling watermelons! They literally use a “cream mixer” to mesh the inside for us to slurp. It took us a while to finish the whole watermelon. Fun novelty!

Some stalls will even make a sling for you to carry (just like handbag).

Some other interesting “food” eye candies along Jonker Walk Malacca.


These buns look cute, but taste-wise so so. The cute designs won us over.

Souvenirs anyone?



We spotted a static Golden Uncle. Drop a few spare bucks and Uncle will dance (moonwalk) for you. The gold glitters will rub off your shoulders too 🙂

The other entrance to Jonker Walk Malacca (GPS 2.197860, 102.245316). This stage will have some performances too. 

When the sun sets, the fanciful (and loud) rickshaws roam the streets!

Malacca rickshaws

Do pop by our recommended Malacca eateries in an earlier blog post too. More photos of our 2D2N trip uploaded on Facebook.


ps.. as with all night markets, try not to bring the strollers along. Plan for minimum 2 to 3 hours to enjoy Jonker Walk. Wear light as it will be crowded and hot.

Malacca Street food with GPS

We were in Malacca (or Melaka 马六甲) for 2D2N during the June School holidays. Malacca Street Food is famous in Malaysia, and we are not only talking about Peranakan dishes.

With the notorious jams and small lanes within the city center, walking might still be the best way to explore this ex-Portuguese enclave. Choose a accommodation near to your attractions, or food options.

We will share the street food and eateries (recommendations and ratings) in this post, GPS is end of the blog post. We will share Jonker Walk exploration in another post (all Melaka photos uploaded here).

Restoran Aunty Lee (+606 283 1001)

If you only have time for one Nonya (Peranakan) restaurant, Aunty Lee is the one! Just remember to make a reservation.

Restoran Aunty Lee
Yummy Chap chye

For the adults, there was no doubt the two best dishes were the humble “Chap Chai” and the succulent “Ponten chicken (or pork babi?)”. We just needed plain rice to go with these two delicious dishes, we would rate both at (4.5/5) .


Malacca Street food
Malacca Street food

Fried chicken (4.25/5) so good, we ordered a second serving. Crispy and crunchy just forget about the calories 🙂

We ordered some other dishes too (prawn, squid and otak), but we would deem them so-so only (3/5).

Empty plates can only mean one thing, our lunch was delicious!

The Daily Fix (Facebook)

the Daily Fix cafe
the Daily Fix cafe

There is always extra space for famous waffles. And Chocolate chip (4/5) and Banana (3.75/5) are popular at Cafes Daily Fix below 🙂

Yummy warm waffles with dipping chocolate or honey.

.. but this cafe is not easy to spot for first timer, we needed to go round a second time to confirm (look out for the logo NEXT KK and walk inside)

Besides the fabulous pancakes, do look out for the quirky props on the second floor. Infact this cafe is like a little museum, with many Instagrammable corners and props.


Lung Ann Refreshments (街隆安茶室)

Traditional kopi and toast is always popular with our family. Delicious and relaxing breakfast (and half boil egg) before we start exploring the city.

You might have to wait around as seats are limited. Enjoy your coffee and people-watch, many folks will follow their Google Map GPS and reach this location too 🙂

Experience and our breakfast is rated (3.75/5).

Lung Ann Refreshments
Lung Ann Refreshments

The same venue serves delicious satay (Satay Loi) in the evening.

Teo Soon Loong

(潮顺隆餐馆, +606 282 2353)

Teo Soon Loong Seafood
Teo Soon Loong Seafood

Standard has dropped. We felt the old corner location was more authentic and novelty. The oyster noodle and dessert were supposed to be the signature dishes, but were so so. We can only give (2.5 to 3/5).

Do check out Google Map reviews, they are still getting decent reviews, maybe we were unlucky?

Below map  (Google Map link) indicates the estimated proximity of each Malacca Street food eatery.

Malacca Food Map


Makhota Parade (GPS 2.187505, 102.248673 ) is in the center. We did not try those highlighted in red this trip :

1) Restoran Aunty Lee peranakan (GPS 2.186806, 102.273644 , 20min East of Mahkota)
2) Teo Soon Loong (GPS 2.197343, 102.232127 )

3) Nancy’s Kitchen peranakan (GPS 2.197565, 102.239598)

4) V Love Hot Pot (GPS 2.195785, 102.238601)
5) 新天地 -like Hawker Centre, crowded (GPS 2.196820, 102.238960)

6) Aunty Fatso (夜来香海鲜家) Seafood (GPS 2.198605, 102.234126), Long queue!

7) Jonker Walk – (三叔公 GPS 2.194977, 102.248334)

8) Lung Ann Refreshment – Kopi and Kaya Toast (GPS 2.195849, 102.249312)

9) The Daily Fix – Cafe (GPS 2.196229, 102.246793)

Additional TIPS :

-If this is the first time driving to Malacca, head North along “North South Highway” and exit 231 (Ayer Keroh) (take note exit numbers are descending, not ascending). Exit 231 is about 210km from SG, and it will take another 30 mins to reach Melaka center (near Mahkota). This 30min will go beyond 60 mins during school holidays!

-Driving in Malacca is relatively safer compared to Johor Bahru, the only challenge is finding carpark. We would recommend car pooling from your hotel (eg) or simply walking

-We got many food ideas from our friends Cheekiemonkies (here and here). There are still many unexplored corners in Malacca 🙂

-You may read about some highway driving and safety tips on our previous post.

We have uploaded all our Melaka photos (with more Malacca Street food) on Facebook (album).



Sky Mirror in Malaysia is SUPER FUN

Have you heard of Sky Mirror 天空之镜 before?  This exotic term is new to me too, but Google and IG hashtags provided some Fun clues 🙂

From Day 1, another term Blue Tears (蓝眼泪) was also new to me. It goes to show Malaysia has many more corners for us to explore and hike.

Continuing Day 2 of my solo trip with Boon Yee (read about Day 1 Broga Hill), we headed to the town of Bagan Datoh (Kuala Selangor). The small jetty near our chalet is called “Kampung Sungai Burung” (GPS 3.976111, 100.707292).

You only need to know that Sky Mirror was the best activity in our itinerary, and it it is FUN for both kids and adults. The two videos in blog below are enough to send my family there again.

No 1 Activity : Posing with your reflection is seriously Fun, anything Goes!

Sky Mirror photos
Sky Mirror photos

Look at our Instagram video and you will know how much FUN we had in 2.5 hours! There are many hermit crabs running around too 🙂


Looking at the map below for reference, Sky Mirror (estimated GPS 4.020000, 100.718333) is about 20 minutes boat ride North from our chalet (9 Island Travel Agency), or South of Pangkor Island (point 4).

Sky mirror map

Qiong(1) Ah! Our 20 minutes boat ride was filled with anticipation. Those who need extra adrenaline can opt to sit in the front row (bow). Kids could not wait to jump off the boat.

Fourth image credit Adventures Village

Sky Mirror sandbank was our playground, leave your inhibitions behind and just have FUN. No need to be shy as everyone will be trying to post Cute or Epic :p

There is a sense of Freedom on the temporary island. The sandbank is only exposed during low tide (on certain days), do check with travel agency for best timing to visit.

catching Hermit crabs Malaysia

Before we reach the sandbank, I hinted to Yee we are visiting a “swimming-pool” in the middle of Strait of Malacca :p


We heard the entire sandbank could be as big as 100 football fields! Where do you wish to run again haha?

More camera tricks 🙂

You just need some creative juices and reflection to snap the best shot. If you are clueless on how to pose, just Google for examples 🙂

You will not go wrong with Instagram Boomerangs ( my favourite 天空之镜 pose, but it is Bolivia’s salt lake)

3 images above credit Adventures Village



No 2 Activity at Sky Mirror is digging for your own lunch! Although kids would argue that this is the best activity!

It was a challenge to see who can fill up their basket with lala first. You will see small crabs, hermits and all sorts of shells in our collection, but we only harvested the lala for lunch.

The mud is soft and therapeutic and after catching the first shell, there was no stopping!

Image credit Adventures Village


Sky Mirror’s fun experience went beyond my expectation. Boon Yee was reluctant to leave the “island” too.

Not listing mud spa as Activity 3 as no one cake their face with the black mineral :p (Sashimi is out too)


Back at the jetty, souvenirs for you and me, we would recommend the prawn crackers.

You can buy relatively new camping tents too ! We heard 500 tents need to be sold due to closure of Pulau Sembilan, you can Google “Pulau Sembilan camping”. A huge loss for travel agency, a steal for the adventurers 🙂


Remember the lala which kids were busy digging earlier. Just tell the chef your table number 🙂


Look at the tantalising seafood platter! We were all hungry after a Morning of Fun!

Video (YouTube link) : Check out our second Sky Mirror video below

Tips  (Day 1 itinerary here):

-Walk barefoot
-Leave your heavy bags in room or boat. Just bring water, suntan lotion and camera

-Do check with travel agency (ours was 9 Island) for best time to visit (I would rate their customer friendly attitude 4/5)

-Plan for minimum two hours on the sandbank

-We did not see anyone swimming, I guess lala harvesting and photo sessions are enough to keep everyone entertained

*Wear your Brightest clothes for best effects. Do not place your barang barang infront of you during the shoot, unless it is a photo prop

*Taking photos with reflection is a skill. You need to find “still” water for best reflection. You need to avoid photo bombs (there could be 100 visitors on the island!)

-Travel agency will provide the colourful props, windmills, umbrellas, Sky Mirror sign etc
-Kids life jackets are available

**Check out Broga hill and Bagan Datoh Day One and Two photos on our Facebook album. FUN is guaranteed!

-Our “2D2N Malaysia Unlimited” trip was booked with Meetup Group “Adventures Unlimited”, itinerary here . Join the Village (Facebook group) to link up with like-minded kakis

-Check out some other bonding activities with my kids.
Boon Kang 3D2N (Farm at Koref), Taman Negara with Boon Wee, 2D2N Broga Hill and Sky Mirror with Boon Yee

天空之镜 we miss you !

ps.. There are actually two Sky Mirrors in Malaysia. We went to the one at Bagan Datoh. Google 天空之镜 Sasaran (Kuala Selangor) for the other site (refer map above, it is located South of Sekinchan #point 5).