Mizuno Ekiden Dads

Mizuno Ekiden D-Day,ย all 12 of us met earlier for group photos before we started racing running. This is the first time so many Dads from #DaddyMatters are participating in a single event.

We had some Durian and Prata sessions before, but 12 for sports is a new milestone ๐Ÿ™‚

Image credit Daddy Matters


Call for action was activated a few months ago, and 12 Dads responded. Amazingly, not all are runners, but we all wanted to do something for Daddy Matters :pย 

13 members from Daddy Matters, if you include Isaiah. He is our “honorary” runner, but had to skip Mizuno Ekiden due to an incident.

Eric,D,Lucian,Winston,M,Isaiah,Andy,Vincent,Nick,Seng Kiong,Wai Keong,Randy and Patrick

Personally, I want to keep fit for self and family. I always believe that sports is a great avenue for parents to bond with kids (even PM is talking about keeping fit diabetes-prevention at National Day rally!)

However, we parents always find it tough to squeeze out extra time for sports due to family and work commitments. Hope more parents will keep on striving for a Healthy Lifestyle.ย 



Mizuno Ekiden is a relay race, 4 runners form a team to complete 21km or 42km. So we have to handover a sash to the next runner.

Some of us are meeting for the first time, we better know the runners before and after ourselves haha :p

The before after photos for our three teams. Man, we are super high spirited! Besides running our own goals, we hope to do some collective activities for Daddy Matters too.

We hope to promote active Parenting, Dads supporting one another.


Mizuno Ekiden Race village at The Promontory. Beers are served after the race, but I did not ask whether we can drink before running (hic) ?


Race is quite well organised, and many participants ended their race with smiles. Good food and beer awaits.

I only have one small complain, there was no water point for those waiting for their race (only isotonic drinks available). I am the 4th runner, so I needed to wait over 90 minutes before my turn.


Dads having fun, showing off our Dad bods. We did say we all come from different background yeah ๐Ÿ™‚

On a serious note, Run Safe and take care of each other!

Mizuno Ekiden Dads

With a rally of Taiko drums, the first runners dashed off. Daddy Matters group tried to run together (Vincent and Winston in picture below).


Teams eagerly waiting to tag and take over the next race. “Team Chio Bu” spotted on the electronic Panel!


Nick dashing in to pass over the sweaty Sash to Patrick ๐Ÿ™‚

Well done Dads! All were sweaty and the earlier runners had a harsher Sun! My team completed in 2.16 Hour, not bad ๐Ÿ™‚

Our jigsaw-like finisher medals, our sweat and determination ๐Ÿ™‚

Earlier, four of us Dads were featured on behalf of Daddy Matters, from LR Winston, me, Nick and Lucian. Read the article here.

Dads are not the only one at Mizuno Ekiden 2017, check out some blogger Mums at Instagram hashtag #Racymamas too. Kudos to all ๐Ÿ™‚

We would like to thanks Mizuno Ekiden for the running invite, do follow them on their Website and Facebook. More Mizuno Ekiden photos will be available on RunningShots albums.

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ps.. (photos above credit Daddy Matters or SengkangBabies)

do follow me on this #skbRunning or blog link for Sengkangbabies running events. I will be attempting 42km at SCMS


MacRitchie Reservoir running is FUN

MacRitchie Reservoir running is SCENIC! I had always wanted to try trail running around MacRitchie Reservoir. When Nick jio (invited) a few Dads, I jump on the opportunity.

Beforehand, I had came across many wonderful photos of the waterway, boardwalks and the views from Jelutong Tower. Love the cloud’s reflection off the waterbody!ย 


The first question. Run clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If you are new to trail running, do an anti-clockwise, starting from the carpark..

Take note water/toilet point is only at Carpark and Ranger station (TreeTop)


Follow the markers in the direction of Tree Top Walk, ย Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Jelutong Tower.

There are many slopes and rocks to slow you down within the first 4 km.
The pebbles are slippery, run carefully or you might fall.

The last 3 km are on scenic boardwalk.

MacRitchie Reservoir running
MacRitchie Reservoir running

Look bamboos! We were busy exploring our surroundings too.

We detoured and climb up Jelutong tower, the climb is tiring after our 6 km route. But theย view from the top is worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

At the 7 or 8 km mark (estimated), you will “exit” the woods and come to this waterbody! ย VERY NICE!

This area is adjacent to Singapore Island Country Club. Can we wade inside the pool?


The whole MacRitchie Reservoir running route is about 11 to 12 Km. I was flat from 8 or 9 km mark onwards, and had to walk back all the way.

Mental note : My fitness has a lot of catch-up!

If you had started clockwise, the last few kilometers will be super tough!

Anyway, we soon reach the performing stage near the carpark. Many student would be familiar with the zig-zag bridge as they run in their school’s cross-country run.


We saw more tourist families (and monkeys) than Singaporean families. Hope more will go out and enjoy the beautiful scenic views at MacRitchie Reservoir! The boardwalk is stroller and wheelchair friendly too.

The best thing about running is exploring new corners and connectors.ย To run with a buddy is a bonus ๐Ÿ™‚


MacRitchie Reservoir running will start from the multi-storey carpark, hourly rate applies. More details are available on Nparks website.

Check out Nick’s cool Strava mapping here. You may wish to explore Tree Top Walk too, refer our previous experience here.

My FIRST Marathon – Sundown Marathon in 6 hours

I completed my First Marathon.

25th Mar 2017 Sundown Marathon 42km dusted, I made it!

At the end point, you will feel soreness and numbness.
Every ounce of muscle straining for attention, I could not even sit down as my calves and thighs refused to coordinate ooops. Finally took off my socks and just lie down for a few minutes.

This is MY Moment, I just completed my FIRST Marathon!

I still could not comprehend how I ran jog walk and hobble 42.195km over the last 6 hours. My body is weak but yet I never felt so ALIVE!

=== Before flag off ===

When you signed up for a crazy run, that was the first step and it demanded courage. When you prepared your attire the night before, you felt excitement and nervousness. But 4 months of training had given me some conviction that 42.195km is doable.

I have blogged about my Marathon preparation here. The weeks and days leading up to race day, you get paranoid about falling sick or injured. You have train hard and long and do not wish to falter at the last phase.

You come up with running strategies Plan A, B, C etc for the race, example :
1) Glue to the 5.30HR pacers
2) Run steady and maintain constant heart rate
3) Make mental note of 10km, 20km, 30km and 40km markers and estimated time checkin (eg 10km at 1Hr 13min, 30km at 3Hr 40min)
4) Take note of Hydration, Nutrition and Banana markers, so you can adjust your own energy and water intake

Then you enter the Start Pen and realised that the pacers are two waves INFRONT!

You try to comfort yourself “Steady”, I will run my own pace and catch up with pacers later.

=== During the Race ===

Everyone else start overtaking you from the start!
You start to worry whether you are running too slow (my pace was 7.00)

3km, 5km, 7km later, where are the pacers’ balloons?
Meanwhile, another 500 runners had overtaken you.

Two weeks before, I followed a pacers (group Team Fatbird) lead-up run at comfortable pace 7.30min/Km (distance 25km). But on Race day, I found it incredible that many Sundown runners were dashing at 5+ pace!

I tried to run slower but my heart rate hovered at a constant 160 to 165. My plan (more plans duh) was to run at a comfortable 150 to 155.

I did catch up the 6Hr pacers at 8 or 9km mark, but my running pace had become erratic. An experienced runner would have been able to manage his expectation right from the start.

I allowed fellow runners’ adrenaline to adjust my pace and I ran too fast in the beginning.

Looking at my watch in the wee hours, 2am, 3am and 4am slowly tick as I got more tired.

I had already forgotten all my running strategies Plans A, B !

To pass time, I tried to calculate my “ideal” pace to complete the race but my mind refused to do Maths haha :p

Anyway, I was not confident that my body was willing to cooperate with my mind’s instruction.

18 to 19 km along East Coast Park (ECP).
More and more runners were affected by cramps, meanwhile Elite runners were already running back in the opposite direction! Clap Clap Clap!

20 and 30km markers are both in ECP, and the paths are never-ending!
Parkland Green, Marine Cove, East Coast Hawker Centre are all eerily quiet, and the camping tents look very cozy.

At this stage, I was actually brisk walking too much and struggled to increase my pace. You start being realistic and re-adjust your targets
( Actually your mind start finding excuses)

Ok, YOU are going to miss a sub-5 timing, sub-6 is DOUBTFUL too, why not just enjoy the run and Complete :p

=== Near the End ===

I kept asking myself why every KM marker seems “farther and farther” away. Every water point (spaced at 2Km intervals) was a welcome cold respite!

Do not start to count the Kilometres, claim them one by one.

Every so often, an enthusiastic volunteer would be shouting Best-Wishes to the runners. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers! I always try to smile back at their encouragements.

30km onwards, Look left look right, everyone is grimacing by now. Tired, Sleepy, we just want to get it over!

A lot of Walkers (like 7 out of 10 participants), and it does influenced you to run slower or even walk!
If I had started walking, I really do not know whether I would want to run again.

So you scanned in front for a few regular figures who ran around your pace. We took turns to overtake each other, it was not choreographed, but some FUN “competition” does keep up your spirits.

Two of my unofficial pacers are a chap in yellow-tShirt printed “Why you keep chasing me?” and a gal in Orange sports bra (with fish net).
There was an Englishman (or European with orange hoversack) who was limping very badly from 30km onwards, I did not want to lose to him too.

Thank you fellow runners for the motivation!

I saw a few camera flashes infront, quicken my pace and tried to look presentable haha I-am-so-vain ๐Ÿ™‚

=== End Point ===

Last 500 metres, but most of us already depleted our energy reserves.
Look at my watch, 6Hr 13Mins Gun time, and my Fitbit indicated 5Hr 58Mins, HOORAY under 6 hours ๐Ÿ™‚

Whole torso stiff.
Calves and Thighs tensed.
Toes wringled.
Socks uncomfortable.
Shorts chaffed my inner thighs for last 10km.
Balls felt so confined.

I FELT so HAPPY and RELIVED, I have achieved my Dream!

Collected my Medal and Finisher T-shirt.
YES, I am now a Marathon Finisher ๐Ÿ™‚

(My Fitbit clocked total 47km instead of 42km, so my end time should be 5Hr 59Min)

=== What have I learned from this race? ===

a) If you have trained at a specific pace, and ideally with pacers before, be CONFIDENT and maintain your pace. With or without the pacers, just maintain your composure and you will achieve your goal.

b) You can run with buddies during preparation, but come race day, you are on your own. Do anything which will motivate yourself. I only started my favourite music from 20km onwards and it helped to tune out negative thoughts (Plantronics Backbeat Fit review).

c) Keep your hands free. Holding on to phone or bottle will induce more perspiration and sweaty palms. You will have trouble opening your gel or bars. I got a mini waist pouch from Decathon which can hold x2 250ml bottle and x4 gel and my keys.

The beautiful serene night scene helped to distract me from the constant tarmac pounding too (hey why Singapore FLYER always so near yet so far!)

Before Osim Sundown Marathon, the furthest I ran was 25km. Thus I took every Kilometre from 26th onward as a bonus.

At this moment in life, I am at my fittest ๐Ÿ™‚
This would not have happen if I did not actively pursue my own fitness.

I hope this would convince my kids that they can strive for their own dreams too, their Daddy just ran his First Marathon!

Set a target, go ACHIEVE it!

Mine was #Training42Sundown2017

I am a 42km Finisher (can brag already haha)

In case you are interested, my training programme helped me to clock my mileage and check whether I am improving month by month. It helped me to monitor whether I was running enough (161km, 135km and 166k for weeks 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12 respectively). I was falling short of “recommended” 40 to 50km per week.
diy Marathon training programme

And this was my IDEAL race plans :p

Beautiful Sunrise again, Sundown completed, another day begins.

If you are attempting for a running milestone yourself, we all start from somewhere. I hope my newbie experience would provide some confidence for you to achieve your own target too. (Marathon Preparation tips for new runners here)

Meanwhile, I will prepare for another Marathon only in 2018 ๐Ÿ™‚

ps.. try to find your photos at this Facebook link (Running Shots)