Singapore Safari Zoo run 2015

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Can you tell which group photo is taken before or after Safari Zoo Run? Both are full of enthusiasm and grins. Needless to say, SengkangBabies enjoy running in Mandai reserves 🙂

Group photo, courtesy from the PerfectFather.

Every yellow being is eager to dash, we have registered ourselves for the 6km Fun run. (Emphasis is on Fun)

2km, Boon Yee was leading the charge most of the way, this boy really loves to run. To see kids run so carefree, so full of joy, even Daddy was motivated to try and catch up.

Every now and then, there will be a slight jam, as runners slow down to take photos of the exhibits. The animals must be delighted to have some added entertainment from the ”
yellow beings”. They must be whispering “Crazy human beings!”

Nice scenery, relaxing pace, no need to rush. Some families even brought their strollers along, so that juniors can enjoy the sights and perspiration.

Inuka is not at home, we posed with his replica.

4km, and Boon Yee’s stamina is far from depleted.

We spotted some Elephants showering and white Tigers along the way. Much needed distraction for kids and adults as we take a breather. Most of the time, it is parents who have difficulty catching up with the energetic kids 🙂

We waited for the rest to catch up, before hitching a free Zebra tram ride at the “bus interchange”. Too bad, no drivers around.

Instagram at 5km. Daddy joked that Zoo should let some hyenas and wild dogs out to improve our timings 🙂

Safari Zoo Run was conceived to commemorate Singapore Zoo’s famous matriarch, Ah Meng.

We even had time to make a small detour to visit our favourite zone, Fragile Forest. The monitor lizard is wild, it was free to roam the grounds. You might have seen some peacocks parading around too.

Other activities await participants, bumboats are not operating, so forget about taking a shortcut across Mandai lake.

Fun activities and carnival await families before and after the race.

Although it is 6km, we completed the race in under 90min.
Walk, jog, dash, and sightseeing, most importantly we cross the finishing line together.

If you ask the kids whether we should try it again in 2016, you will only hear YES!

Finisher medals, is the Hippo cute or not? Thanks Singapore Zoo for the Fun invitation, many families had fun stomping the Night Safari and Zoo grounds last weekend.

Video : Catch us dashing around at Singapore Safari Zoo Run

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Wet Hello Kitty run, but SUPER Fun!

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You seldom see Daddy (and boys) wear Pink Hello Kitty t-shirts. But we had to make an exception for Hello Kitty’s biggest fan, Boon Xin.

If the girl loves it, Daddy will even pose girly photos with plush toys haha (Hello Kitty Goodies bags collection earlier)

Nevermind the vehicle and human jams, never mind the downpour. 17,000 feline fans had gathered at Harbour Front area for Hello Kitty run.

Everyone was eager to paste some cute tattoos.

Infront all Gloomy, but behind us all Sunny :p

Those standing near the front sang “Happy Birthday” with Hello Kitty and Daniel.

(image credit Hello Kitty Fun Singapore Fanpage)

But why Hello Kitty never sing “Rain rain go away”? Cats and dogs pour down on Sentosa, and many families took shelter.

Although our underwear is not really soaked, we still have Fun and Wet photos to share :p
sentosa Hello Kitty

Met the super garang Cheekiemonkies, who chiong all the way in the rain 🙂


Due to the heavy rain, there was a huge jam at the finishing point. Everyone was queuing to get their Hello Kitty Run finisher medal. Those who fail to get their medals can pop by Hello Kitty Run Singapore Fanpage for instructions.

Video : Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2014

Kudos to the Hello Kitty organisers!
Although there was some hiccups at the end point, the volunteers stood in the rain to guide the runners. Running in the rain was a FUN experience for many families and friends.

Goodies bags collection (earlier) and the shuttle buses back to Vivocity was orderly and prompt.

Kids try to decorate our courtesy XC90 into a wedding car :p

Happy 40th Birthday Hello Kitty! You still look so cute 🙂

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