Great run at Energizer Singapore Night Trail

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Have you heard of Lorong Asrama before? It is only a short 5 minute drive from Singapore Zoo, and this stretch of road is normally reserved as our soldier’s training ground.

We attended last Sat’s Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2014.
Family Fun Energier Trail

Three of us are going for the 3km Family Obstacle course.

The whole area has a carnival-like atmosphere. Runners, families are all eager to start early to avoid the Sun.

Every 60 seconds, one batch of runners are released.

Eight obstacles should not be too challenging right?

And off we go, it did not took us long to find the tyres!
Hop and jump is easy, but we did not expect the numerous slopes along the trail, some with 30 degrees incline!

(Image credit Energizer Singapore Night Trail)

And we are only at the 500m mark…
Night Run at Mandai road

Video : The sun and the slope was unforgiving. We had to be careful when we ran down the slippery gravel hill. One slip could meant a bad bruise or sprain.

The track in Mandai is a path less travelled. And the scenic paths (with BKE on the right) does relieved some of our weariness.

Ooops, we are tramping on Protected Area hee hee.

Great outdoors, we are sweating buckets ! But Daddy must keep up our spirit and momentum (and still find time to take video).

Must find some time and shade to take selfie, showoff to Mummy.
(Taking photo is an excuse for Daddy to catch his breath)

Can you spot the Durian trees? Husks were spotted on the floor, someone has been harvesting the Durians 🙂

Water Parade to hydrate ourselves.

As if 3km is not long enough, add in tyres, nets and even a bouncing castle!
The obstacles made Energizer Singapore Night Trail much more challenging.

The swamp was not too muddy and wet, lucky us. But Daddy thought it would be more authentic to remove the planks, let everyone get mud spa :p

Once we started on our challenge, No U Turn :p

Kids only knew that they are going for some run 2 days before, and Daddy was not sure whether he has they would have the stamina.

Not your usual bouncing castle! Obstacle points actually offers runners an opportunity to catch their breaths.

Yes, we did it ! We took 30min to complete our 3km obstacle course. We even manage to dash across the finishing line together.

Daddy is super impressed and proud of the kids’ endurance and achievement.

Refreshing fruits and ice creams to cool down participants.

There are post run activities and entertainment to keep kids happy.

Although the race was quite tiring, we strive to complete the challenge together.
Jump for Joy !
Kids at Energizer run

* The other categories for Energizer Singapore Night Trail are the 6, 12 and 18km long. There is a 1.5km Family Obstacle course too. More details and pricing can be found at Energizer Singapore Night Trail website.

Thank you Energizer for the Fun invitation!

The results, photos and post-event details can be found on Energizer Singapore Night Trail fanpage. Our own Fun (and tiring) photos can be found on SengkangBabies Fanpage album.

**disclaimer, the obstacles and tracks above are not in sequence, we wish to showcase why Energizer Singapore Night Trail would be FUN for your family 🙂

Running with Cold Storage Kids

SengkangBabies sent the whole contingent down to Cold Storage Kid’s Run last month. Thanks to Marina Bay for the sponsorship 🙂

We arrive early and went under the checkpoint. Daddy told kids to pose like winners 🙂
We know it will be crowded later.

Heng family (BPDG) and Tan Family joined us to run around the Padang today Yeah !

The participants today are not only the young ones. Daddy will run with Kang and Yi, and even Mummy will tag team with Boon Xin.

Before the race, Mascots are roaming around to warm the kids up.

Boon Wee and Denver’s age group will get to go first, but they are in different groups.

Batch by batch, the kids Dash down the road when the airhorn is Blasted. This is 1600m category, kids are supposed to pace themselves ooops.

Parents are always eager to see how their kids perform, as they try to identify their little darlings among the crowd.

Wei and Denver have to clear 1,600M each. So Proud of them 🙂

Wei’s result :p

In life, there will always be ups and downs. We only wish our kids will pick themselves up after each fall, and learn from their mistakes.

A lot of parent bloggers were here this morning, but we only bump into Edmund and Sakura.

Daddy accompanied Kang on his 800M jog. Kang is happy to complete his circuit, and got rewarded with a medal 🙂

Yi joined Chloe and Gladys in the next category. That meant another 800M for Daddy.

Yi gets to climb higher for a better view (thanks to Phoebe for the photo)

Did you know that cheerleaders (in this case, HelloStrangers) will be cheering your kids. It helps when Daddy is also struggling to keep pace too keke 🙂

Finally, Xin participates in toddler’s category (they are not the smallest, there is even a Stroller category !!)

Daddy wonder whether Xin can run or not? She covered a whole 200m (out of 800m), before asking for and Mummy “hug hug”!  Maybe 200M is considered impressive for her small legs :p

Running around the Padang provide good eye-candy for the kids. Maybe, it can help them to run faster. We enjoyed ourselves throughly, and the kids get to catchup with their buddies again.

That evening, everyone gets to show off their achievements and medals.

We would like to thanks Marina Bay for inviting us to the run 🙂
For more fun running photos, do pop by SengkangBabies album.

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