Color Run 2018 is Crazy Fun

WHAT a Colourful RUN! Color Run 2018 πŸ™‚

It was our first Color Run 2018. We have participated in many family races before, but none is as colourful and outlandish as Color Run 2018 :p

Our running t-shirts before and after the race 🀣, was totally unrecognisable. We started with White but ended with rainbow of colours haha. Even our hair changed colours.

The run was a good opportunity for Boon Wee to take a short break from his exams preparation.

The crowd, the atmosphere, the spread of cheers and colours brought the event to a high.

Color Run 2018 venue was at Sentosa Palawan Beach.

I did not expect so many families to turn up for this run, venue was packed with happy spirits (and Unicorns and Tutus and Ponies)Β  and everyone was raring to GO.

No wonder they call Color Run the Happiest5K run πŸ™‚
Participants were celebrating Health, Happiness and Individuality.

Some event booths activities for the participants, and Unicorns led us through a warm up session.


Weather was hot, but it did not dampen our spirits. Once the race started, most of the route was under shades.

Spotted plenty of Unicorns and Little Ponies in #ColorRunSG

Alas, the 1st to 2nd km marker was not a Happy Route as many struggled to run up slope along Imbiah Hill.

Many chose to walk instead πŸ™‚
I never knew about such a scenic and tranquil trail before Color Run 2018.

Running under familiar Sentosa Island icons. No matter how tired, we must remember to selfie and have FUN.


Enjoying the moment. We learnt quickly to keep our mouths closed when volunteers splash colours :p

Color Run 2018
Color Run 2018

EMBRACE the colors! Make ourselves as colourful as possible haha.
Boon Wee trying to evade the volunteers haha!

He did enjoyed the race and would like his siblings to join next year πŸ™‚

Video ( YouTube Link) : Check out how we dashed through all the Colors !

One section got a bubbles bath haha, we dashed through it and was soaked in soap and shampoo. A cool respite from the run but I hoped the fan (or blower) was bigger though 😊

This sounds weird but we were sweating multiple colours haha, yellow, purple, red and blue. But the smiles are across all the runners.

5km completed, I turned into a blonde 😁
We definitely Ran in Style!

Families finishing together 😍 More Happy faces on IG #ColorRunSG

We stayed behind to cheer the the 5pm runners. Get ready to be splashed with COLOURS even before you start!

We spotted a “Super ON” photographer (ie enthusiastic) prowling the grounds at Palawan. She was coated in green just like HULK but her megawatt smile was charming.

I hope her DSLR is colour proof πŸ™‚

Thank you UnionPay for the Fun invite, we enjoyed the Run! Event was very well organised and the atmosphere was electrifying.


Do follow Color Run Singapore on their Website and Facebook. Take a look at the post-run Color Blast “concert” on @theColorRunSG Instagram !

We do have one recommendation for the organisers. Please consider two water points, especially since we are running under mid-afternoon sun and route has uphill elements.


ps.. Do follow our family’s running adventures here-> #skbRunning

Safra Singapore Bay Run with Dads

A few Dads participated in 2018 Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon this morning. Our section could be bigger, but a few fell sick.

Although the run is also known as Army Half Marathon, we ran the Fun 5 km, not 21km.

Beautiful patchy clouds welcomed the runners, splendid skyline πŸ™‚

Nick says it best when we “busy” parents must find opportunities to keep ourselves fit. If we are strong, we can definitely better support our family.

So to fellow Dads, let us plan for more sports πŸ™‚

Clockwise L-Nick, me, Wai Keong, Randy and Patrick (Image credit Nick’s IG)

Slightly warm, but not hot. We started the race with superb weather. When we were walking towards the start line on Esplanade Bridge, 21km and 10km runners were making their way to Finish line.

21km and 10km runners had started at 0430 and 0630 respectively. Kudos!

5km Race was well organised. there was only one wave, but there are plenty of space for us to run in CBD. Our route brought us one round anti-clockwise along Marina Bay.

Maybe I spoke too soon. We soon encounter families and runners who were blocking the lanes.

Slower runners please keep left, and soldiers please curse less, the younger kids around us need not hear all the F and swear words.

Merlion, MBS, Helix and Esplanade, we passed by Singapore’s icons.


Many heartwarming scenes of families running together. Parents encouraging the kids, and sometimes holding their hands. It reminded me of 2014 when I brought 3 boys along for our first “family run” (read post here)

We had to support the enthusiastic kids with “thumbs up” and shouting “well-done”.

We Dads #DaddyMatters paced each other and enjoyed the run. It was another opportunity for us to hang out and do something for ourselves.

We merged with the 21km and 10km runners, #TogetherWeRun is the theme for 2018 Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon.

As we ran pass the Esplanade the second time round, families (and super heroes) are lining up for their 800.


Some were wearing masks too πŸ™‚

Safra Singapore Bay Run and Army half Marathon

Meanwhile, David and buddy showed their support by visiting a Doctor in their running attire. Get well soon, little Buddy!

Image credit Doting Dad IG

Route map for Safra Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2018.

Back to our run, 900m to end point.
5km took us 35 minutes, we picked up our pace and finish strong.


Army Ready (ex) Soldiers strong :p
Happy smiles and cheers say it all, another Fun outing for the Dads.

Thank you Safra for the engagement. More details about Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon can be found on their Website and Facebook.

You may read about Daddy Matters‘ previous run in 2017 (Mizuno Ekiden) or follow SengkangBabies running experiences here.