Safari Zoo Run 2017

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So Safari Zoo Run 2017 came and go, all 5.5 km of race through forested grounds in Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.

We always tell our friends that this is the best family run in Singapore, because you can literally run next to animals!
Safari Zoo Run 2017

Young families can opt for 2.5 or 5.5 km route, we opted for 5.5km as we can see and experience more things along a longer route. I need to plan for a 10km route myself next edition. Read our 2015 and 2016 experience here.

A pity we could not run as a full family this round, as I was on a business trip and no1 got basketball tournament. Mommy Mengchoo was proud that Boon Yee (no2) took care of Boon Xin (no3) for half of the route, running together infront.

Boon Kang (no2) is our official photographer, so he got an excuse to “walk” slowly (Hello boy! You better run faster next round :p )

Spot the Zebras and Giraffes along the route, or Lions and Hyenas. These animals distracted us from fatigue (thumbs up). And this is exactly why we say running through the Zoo is such a novelty and FUN experience.

There is a new Wildlife Conservation theme for 2017, “Run For Wildlife”. I thought it was meaningful to raise awareness about Earth’s fragile ecosystem. Some species are endangered and risk extinction.

Can you imagine a day when we can only see animals in Zoo and not in the wild? That would be such a sad day.
(Image credit Safari Zoo Run)

We chose Chawang the Sumatran elephant as we felt our affinity is with the gentle giant. Our recent trip to a no-ride Elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai reinforced the need for elephant protection (read our Chiang Mai itinerary here)

Tourists, do not ride on the elephants as we are indirectly hurting them. Applause for Singapore Zoo for stopping elephant rides too (Straitstimes article)

Proud of Mommy and kids for completing their morning exercise 🙂

Once again, thank you Singapore Zoo for the wonderful invite to Safari Zoo Run 2017! Our family really enjoyed the running experience in Mandai.

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Love Running, try “U Run All Access” 2017

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Good news for runners, “U Run All Access” offers you an opportunity to run three races in Singapore and enjoy substantial savings. More details on U Run All Access 2017 website.

In three easy steps, you can sign up for “U Run All Access” and enjoy three races (either Competitive or Fun category) at an affordable one-off package price.

I am not exaggerating but there seems to be at least one or two organised runs every weekend! Just look at the areas around Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay, Sports Hub and East Coast. Folks who sign up with U Sports can also enjoy their regular community runs from Novena Velocity and One Marina Boulevard.

I would always prefer to run in a group as it is more fun. When we enjoy our run, it becomes less taxing and monotonous. Running in a group will also motivate each other and feed off the adrenaline and vibes!

However, running in these races can be expensive, pricing fees from $50 to $80 are normal. U Run All Access allows runners to go for any 3 of their preferred races in their selected package category (Fun @ $198 / Competitive @ $168) without burning a huge hole in the pocket.

Take the Competitive package for example, the average price of each run amounts to less than $60! ($168 ÷ 3 = $56 )

Registration fees of Fun races are generally priced much higher than other races.

For example, normal registration fees of Men’s Health Urbanathlon is $128. With the fun package at $198 for any 3 of the fun runs, package holders will be able to enjoy significant savings. Moreover, they will also be receiving all the running entitlements of the races.

Furthermore, the race slots are guaranteed, meaning I do not need to aim for early bird discounts or rush to register. U Run All Access package holders will also be able to take part in lead-up runs to better prepare for race day and running-related workshops to pick up essential tips for improving running efficiency.

A small land area of 700km² but we managed to squeeze in so many runs! Singaporeans are crazy with fitness, in a good way :p

I am running to keep fit for myself and family. I enjoy the me-time (a luxury!) when I run, and I get to appreciate the pretty sceneries around our park and water bodies.

Meanwhile, I am training for my first marathon with Sundown in March (Instagram Hashtag #Training42Sundown2017 ). Do follow our family’s running Fun at this link.

Do take note of some T&C before you sign up.
– “U Run All Access” is only applicable for NTUC and nEbO members (sign up as NTUC member here)
– Minimum age to register is 18 years old as at 1 January 2017

–> Click here to register or find out more about U Run All Access

More T&C can be found on their website.
Do follow their Facebook and Instagram for latest updates too.

2017 for us

Hello 2017, new challenges await but we will be ready 🙂
If there is only one thing I need the kids to know, Be Brave and Adventurous.

That applies to everyday life, pursue of our own aspirations and of course PSLE (cough!) There will always be obstacles and hurdles along the way.

Persevere and do your best, know that family is behind you all the way.

PSLE for No2 (Boon Kang) would be the most anticipated event in 2017 #NoStress haha 🙂
We do not need our kids to be top in their class, as long as they put in their best efforts.

Rest assured that Mummy and Daddy will walk together with you through rain or sun.

Family is growing so FAST when we browse through our photos! Just look at how tall No1 Boon Wee is now (1.77m!)
When you look through your Instagram and Facebook activities, it is amazing all the memories that we can packed into 2016!

Seems like we just bid 2015 adios not so long ago and 2017 is already here.

If I use the analogy of our fledgling Olive-backed Sunbird(Sunbird nest along our corridor), kids would have their own lives (higher studies, soldier and careers) in a decade and less!

Yes, kids are very noisy and quarreling with each other too, but I know I am going to miss all the “noises” when they are at home “lesser”. Truly, Days are long and Years are short.

The proudest thing which I have done for the kids is to inculcate a love for nature and sports. Sports build up their characters and make them more resilient.

I always tell the kids and my friends, there is never a “free” time.
If we parents do not lead by example when we are able and mobile, then when?

Any sports will do, just let them enjoy the great outdoors! Families will enjoy some bonding sessions too. (Links to Hiking, Cycling, and Running)

I would like to demonstrate to the kids that anything is achievable, but I got to admit 42km Marathon is a crazy harder target :p

If I can squeeze in the time and effort to attempt a Marathon (Sundown Marathon in March 2017), kids can be brave to dream BIG and own their Aspirations.

On a side note, when our family gets more adventurous and robust, our travel itinerary has more options!
We are no longer confined to city comforts (and shopping), we can do more exploration and non-mainstream activities.

Cheers to more camping and hiking trips, Yeah!

If the Mrs is reading this, I have not given up hope of having a couple trip with her. Nothing elaborate just 3D2N, we can pack the kids off to a staycation with their 大舅 🙂

After spending so much time and energy on the kids, we deserve more couple time too, just you and me ♥

How, Meng Choo?

Bitter or sweet, all are memories from 2016.
From our family to your family, Happy New Year and may 2017 brings you Health and Happiness 🙂