Candy Parade at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

[ Media Invite ]

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town has a new stage performance. The 10 minutes “Candy Parade” performance is only available at Hello Kitty Town, Johor Puteri Harbour.
Hello Kitty Town

Candy Parade delivered on wheels! The performers started the show with hoverboard and rollerblades. Music and Dance entertain the visitors.

There is a Candy cart too.

Candy Parade would not be apt without candies right? Sweets and lollipops to share with the visitors 🙂

Adorable right, fans will definitely screamed in delight at the cute Kitty and Daniel There was plenty of opportunity to selfie with them after the parade.

Purrfect stage, Perfect performance for Hello Kitty Fans 🙂

At Hello Kitty Town, Kitty and Daniel fans rejoice 🙂

After the parade, my kids dash to the indoor playground (Friendship Land), aiming balls at each other and unsuspecting passer-bys!

The bigger kids will definitely enjoy Thomas Town (3rd floor). Imagine Thomas and friends running along Sodor Playground and bumper cars!

Toddlers will enjoy the second floor’s cartoon characters.

Barney, Angelina and Bob 🙂

My kids love the basketball and arcade games at Pingu’s Igloo.

– Follow Hello Kitty Puteri Harbour on their Website, Fanpage and Instagram for the latest updates

GPS for Puteri Hello Kitty (1.416702, 103.656825) and visitors can park at Hotel Jen.

Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour,
79000, Nusajaya, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Daily from 10am to 6.00pm

Thomas and Hello Kitty at Puteri Harbour, Fun escapade for the whole family 🙂

Do pop by our previous fun session with Hello Kitty here. Thank you Sanrio Hello Kitty Town for the Fun invite!

The boys love Sanrio Hello Kitty Town too!

[ Media Invite ]

Meow. Ooops sorry, we forgot Hello Kitty is not a cat :p
Nevermind, we had a lot of fun at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, yes the boys too.

Parents get to enjoy their childhood dreams too haha, Daddy and Mummy acting cute in Wishful Studio.
Hello Kitty cosplay

Besides Hello Kitty and friends’ costumes, we can indulge in Hello Kitty cookies and craft some sweet souvenirs too. Each room can host two activities, per room waiting time can stretch up to 30 minutes, but kids and parents should enjoy the activities 🙂
Johor Hello Kitty review

The biscuits taste good, and we were caught pinching on the ingredients 🙂
Nikon Hello Kitty19
Nikon Hello Cookies

.. and Hello kitty accessories.
Nikon Hello Kitty22

When in Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, you expect to find Hello Kitty and friends around every corner, shades of pinks on every wall 🙂
Nikon Hello Kitty29

Even the ground floor Cafe reminds us we are in Hello Kitty’s domain!
Little big Club Hello Kitty

But I did not expect Bad Badtz Maru peeping at me in the toilet haha. Did they place Melody in the Ladies?
Nikon Hello Kitty1

No, we did not try the Kitty Nasi Lemak 🙂
Nikon Hello Kitty6

Canon moments with your favourite character on Dream Photo Garden. Take note of the timings.
Nikon Hello Kitty28
Sanrio Hello Kitty JB

Hello Kitty in Oz, enter the magical world of Wizard of Oz to checkout your favourite tinman and scarecrow.
Nikon Hello Kitty2
Hello Kitty Wizard of Oz
Nikon Hello Kitty25

We need to solve some puzzles, in order to save Land of Oz from getting chaotic. The tasks are challenging and fun for the young ones.
Nikon Hello Kitty24
Nikon Hello Kitty26

Hello Kitty’s Happy Carnival is the highlight of the day, where the characters perform in a parade. Kids will be eager to dance along and wefie with their favourite characters.
Bad Badtz Maru show

So sweet to see the little ones Hi5 with Hello Kitty and Daniel.
Nikon Hello Kitty20

Friendship Land Playground.
Nikon Hello Kitty16
Nikon Hello Kitty15

Visit Hello Kitty’s mansion. Everything is in pink, every room has Kitty, and grandparents 🙂
Hello Kitty fans will scream in delight in the living room, bathroom, kitchen and even walk-in wardrobe!

Daddy and Mummy pretend to be prince and princess too 🙂
Nikon Hello Kitty7-001
Nikon Hello Kitty13

Lavish bathroom and walk-in wardrobe too. Boon Yee wonders why a cat gal needs such a big Toilet and so many shoes. (Son, I do not understand too haha!)
Nikon Hello Kitty12
Nikon Hello Kitty11

Nikon Hello Kitty10

A princess’ room, all decked up in pink, so sweet.
Hello Kitty bedroom
Nikon Hello Kitty9

Elaborate Kitchen with all the cute Hello Kitty utensils. Who would bear to cook inside this “Hello Kitty showroom”?
Nikon Hello Kitty8

Tickets to three floors of FUN! Ticket to either Sanrio Hello Kitty Town or Little Big Club will cost RM 80 each, but the combo ticket will cost RM 117, definitely more worthwhile!
Nikon Hello Kitty
Nikon Hello Kitty3

You need not be a Hello kitty Fan to enjoy this themed playground. My boy was initially reluctant, but he kept posing with the characters. Mummy and Boon Xin love Hello Kitty, whereas the boys love Bad Badtz Maru.

Tips to enjoy a day out at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Little Big Club:

– Follow Hello Kitty and Little Big Club on their website and Fanpage for the latest updates
– Little Big Club and Hello Kitty Town are two separate themed playgrounds, both are housed in Little Red Cube (Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya)

– Take note of the daily schedule (eg 5pm for Carnival) so that you do not miss your favourite characters
– You will need a minimum of two hours to go through the exhibits (queuing up at Wishful Studio is expected)

– There are plenty of food options at Little Red Cube, otherwise you can drive out for some decent coconut Crab around Gelang Patah.

– You can hitch a bus from Singapore direct to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (link)
– If you are driving, just map to GPS 1.416702, 103.656825 (about 10min drive from Legoland). Same basement carpark as Hotel Jen (previously Hotel Trader), and parking is free

More photos have been uploaded on our Fanpage album. Do pop by our previous Hello Kitty Run too (40th anniversary).

Thank you Sanrio Hello Kitty Town for the Fun invite!