Family’s first experience at Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Therapeutic and invigorating, that was our experience at Yunomori Onsen & Spa (Google review). Yes, bucket list untick for family.

We were invited to soak in Yunomori Onsen’s latest bath. When we step into the secluded premise in our Yukata, we were transported into another dimension 🙂

We are still in Singapore, but we got imbued with a bit of Japanese culture and ambience.

Yunomori Onsen

We need to keep our shoes before registering for our session. A wrist tag will be issued for the second locker to keep our clothes and stuff.

The same tag will be used for payment at the cafe too.

I told the kids that Yukata must be wore (right to left, then left over right). Wearing it opposite is considered bad luck as it is meant for dead person!

Happy ootd posing, this is our virgin Onsen trip.

We made our way to the cafe for a sumptuous dinner.

Pretty easy to navigate in Yunomori Onsen & Spa, Onsen one side and everything else on the other side.

Let us enjoy our dinner first. On hindsight, I would have preferred to soak first before eating. Food always taste nicer when we are hungry 🙂

Japanese cuisine to get us into the mood, introducing 2019’s menu.

Nigiri Platter

Plum Rose Sparkle – this will definitely cool everyone down, love the refreshing scent of plum and mint

Chuka Snack – yummy baby octopus and jellyfish

Mentai Gyoza

Salmon Sashimi Don – Refreshing and satisfied my salmon craving

Ume Ochazuke

Yee loves his Ramen.

Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen

Salted Egg Mix Tempura

After a satisfying meal, we are ready to 泡湯 soak.

Everything about Yunomori Onsen and Spa was a novelty for my family:

-Being stark naked with 30 others
-For females, disposable panties and bra are available
-Kids felt weird sitting on stool and scrubbing ourselves clean? But I like the repeated process of scrub rinse and scrub again

-Dipping from pool to pool, different water and temperature (always start from the least hot)
-Told them beforehand that we should not spend more than 15 minutes in pool, let the body cool down before soaking in another pool

-First timers can read up about Onsen etiquette on Yunomori website

I was just curious whether there is a difference to the Onsen experience between tropical Singapore and cool Japan.

Image credit Google Map

A pity our kids are a bit too short, Boon Yee had to squat in the pool and could not sit down on his butt. Otherwise, he was game and joined me in all the pool, except the cold one .

Do not leave your child wandering alone, they might jump into the 42 degrees pool or they might start swimming! Besides, you never know what sort of folks are in an onsen.

He find it more cool to walk stark naked, whereas conservative Dad use towel to cover crotch. I would not be so shy in Japan 🙂

Jacuzzi, jet and the new Yufuin pool. Each pool was a new experience. Onsen pool is hottest but most original, but too hot for kids.

Each pool has a different quality, from joint muscle relief, improving blood circulating, to skin improvements and detoxification.

Finish each “lap” with a dip in the 17 degrees cold bath! The extreme temperature dip between hotand cold will jolt your body and close all the pores (shiver! )

You will definitely feel chilled and rejuvenated.

image credit Yunomori Onsen

Steam room and Sauna proved too hot for kids but Yee was curious to pop in the rooms and experience. He commented “Cannot see anything and the steam irritated his nose whenever he breathes”.

Yufuin bath is the latest addition to Yunomori Onsen & Spa. We heard the district (same name) in Southern Japan is famous for the hot spring water, which is clear or bluish and are known to have a natural moisturizing effect on the skin.

After the bath, we wore our Yukata and headed back to the cafe. I wanted my family to enjoy some fresh milk, but alas all milk sold out!

If you have been to Japanese onsens before, the milk always taste sweetest after a soak 🙂

Image credit Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Some might choose to relax in a comfortable lounge and snooze away.
Nothing like an Onsen to drive away all our stress and fatigue.

One can actually feel tired and dehydrated after an onsen, drink up.

Image credit Google Map

Massage anyone? We heard Yunomori Onsen and Spa’s massage services are highly recommended.  Treat the spouse to an aromatic rub, Thai massage might be too harsh on the joints hee hee.

Till we fly to Japan, Yunomori would be the next best option to enjoy a good Onsen experience.

Thank you Yunomori Onsen for the rejuvenating invite.

Do pop by Yunomori Onsen & Spa website for the other baths details.
There are more photos and videos on Yunomori Facebook.


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ps.. our Onsen trip was sponsored by Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Bathing at Sembawang Hot Spring

In Singapore, a lot of stuffs are man-made. Not Sembawang Hot Spring (三巴旺溫泉) though. Free flow hot spring water, some swears by its healing properties.

We were curious about Singapore’s natural hot spring, and decided to shower like the regular Ah Peks (Uncles).

Sembawang Hot Spring is actually on Sembawang Air Base grounds, it is a short walk from Gambas Avenue. We would recommend you to park at Block 114, then walk 15 minutes over to the Hot Spring. (GPS n01.43500 e103.82457)

(image credit Google Map)

If in doubt, follow the buckets in Yishun :p

Sembawang hot spring is free, and opening hours is from 0700 to 1900.

Kids are amazed about the Hot Spring’s source.
– Where is the Hot water coming from?
– Why is the water hot?
– Where is the tap :p

Please hold on tight to the smaller kids as they can get scalded if not careful.

There is a well inside the red brick enclosure and we heard the water is hottest inside.

The Hot Spring is supposed to cure some ailments (we cannot substantiate this claim), but we can guarantee this Hot Spring novelty is Fun!

Go ahead, soak your feet in the compound, surrounded by fence. Quite surreal to be doing this in Singapore.

Some uncommon scenes at the Hot Spring :
– People actually cycle over with buckets and tabao (package) the spring water home.
Wash car or wash own self, we did not probe.

– Most will dab their feet in the Hot water. The water can still be hot even after 15 minutes. We witnessed two aunties with their own bathtub, whole body submerged! We did not spot any bikinis.

– Uncles were topless, casually wiping their body with the hot water. Newspaper reports indicate some regulars come to enjoy the hot spring everyday.

Wefie and selfies are very common among first time visitors.

To enhance your experience, bring a couple of eggs. As water is not at boiling point, we need about three refills of the spring water, approximately 12 to 15mins before egg is cooked. Soy sauce and pepper highly recommended.

Video (Link): Novelty experience bathing at Sembawang Hot Spring

Additional Tips :
– Seats and buckles are available for use, but if you are concerned about hygiene, bring your own buckets.
– Daddy is more concerned about mosquitos. Kids got a few “jabs”.

– there is no toilet facility at this site

– 奶奶 advised us to bring one bottle of spring water home, so we can scrub our door and car plate for good luck. We are waiting for the next 4D announcement. Huat Ah!

– Do pop by our oversea Hot Spring experiences, Taiwan Beitou and Ipoh Lost World of Tambun

** safety must always be the first priority **