uFamily MegaDance and Tickets giveaway for UltimatePlay

As the evening crepts in, and with Gangdam style rocking in the background, Daddy imagine Sengkangbabies sashay and boogie the evening away, with or without “Sexy Lady”.

We were at uFamily’s MegaDance event.

MegaDance was held at Resort World Hardrock Hotel’s Coliseum.

However, when the light dims, our kids stood still. They stare at the stage, and it was quite awkward when the kids refuse to boogie. Shy?

Fortunately, we met some buddies (Hello CheekieMonkies), and everyone starts to warm up to the music.

Video : We got some professional dancers to guide us, but Daddy thought he was auditioning for kPop! Dude, can you show us some less slick HI5 dance moves 🙂

It would be nice if we had some simple action for the kids, or maybe they can play train or snake in one long line (just like the 80’s tea parties). Some parents (yours truly) were anxiously watching the kids with eagle eyes, in case some decide to wander off.

Although this is not Saturday night dance, we still enjoy ourselves. With buddies and bubbles, that’s how we boogie our evening away 🙂 Some kids decided to climb the stage and enjoy their limelight moment.

We end the evening with supper at Pasir Panjang. Daddy wanted to reward the kids for being so hardworking. Nevermind the kids cannot dance, Daddy sucks at boogie too :p

Since joining the uFamily community as a Blog Champion, we have participated in a lot of family events. We had picnic at Marina Barrage, the recent MegaDance and there will be one more event before the year ends.

On 15th Dec 5 to 8pm, you are invited to Ultimate Play at The Lawn @ Marina Bay.

Photo credit : uFamily

Programme Highlights:

– Zumba Warm-up
– Frisbee Workshops
– Ultimate Family Fun Frisbee Competition*
– Fringe Activities
– Sure-Win Prizes at the Strike-and-Win Booth*

– NTUC Member – $15 per family
– Public – $30 per family

You can buy the tickets here.
*Each ticket admits a family of 5 persons e.g. 2 adults and 3 children.

We got two tickets to giveaway for Ultimate Play. Participants just need to:
1. Sign-up for U Family membership (http://bit.ly/UfBlog) if they have not done so.
2. Like SengkangBabies fanpage, and on our Fanpage, list one activity happening at Ultimate Play.
3. Contest ends on 06 Dec 11pm, and two winners will be randomly picked.

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You can gather more updates about U Family events at :
–> http://www.ufamily.org.sg
–> http://www.facebook.com/NTUCUFamily

U Family is a community that advocates the building of strong and happy families by championing work-life integration for working families.
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uFamily MegaDance tickets giveaway

Exam period should end by this week, kids should rejoice. We have two MegaDance tickets to giveaway, read on.

uFamily has a MegaDance event and all family members are welcomed! Yes, everyone can boogie the night away on 24th Nov evening.

The folks at uFamily are so nice, they know the trend today is that “Korean Horse Dance”. Even Boon Xin has pick up “oh Sexy Lady” and she will gallop and waves her hand !

Catch “Gangnam Style” tutorial below 🙂

Daddy told the kids he used to cheong1 (Hokkien for attend) Tea-parties at Ngee Ann City, and listen to “Bananarama” and “Pet Shop Boys“. Those were the days when “More than Words” was what every loverbirds were crooning 🙂

Those were Daddy and Mummy’s childhood memories. Kids interupt Daddy and ask what is “cheong” and what “Banana”-rama band? …. Generation gap, sigh !

When Daddy ask who knows “Gangnam Style” or “Kan Cheong style”, everyone raise up their hands ! If your kids love dancing too, get them to boogie with you this 24Nov.

Date: 24 Nov 2012, Saturday – 24 Nov 2012, Saturday
Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Venue: The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore

You can expect :
• Mass Dance Opening
• MV Dance Coaching
• Family Dance Challenge
• Live DJ Spinning & Partying

Besides dancing, winners of best-dressed and best-dancing, will stand to win the top prize of $800 each! More MegaDance details can be found at this link.

** We have two tickets worth $30 each to give away (NTUC members can buy it at $15). Each ticket covers 5 pax. (transport and meals are not inclusive)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ How can I win the Ticket ? ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

1. Sign-up for U Family membership (click http://bit.ly/UfBlog).
You can be an existing member.

2. Like SengkangBabies Fanpage.

3. On our Fanpage, tell us know which song will make you groovy at the MegaDance event.

Contest ends 04Nov 11pm, and winner will be randomly picked.

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Do not worry if you cannot dance, we suck at choreographing Happy Feet too :p

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U Family is a community that advocates the building of strong and happy families by championing work-life integration for working families.

Be part of U Family, and be the first to know about their many unique activities. Sign up here and get a welcome gift too (while stock last).

uFamily encourage us to participate in family activities

Friends sometime lament about lack of time and venues to engage in family fun.
They wonder why we got so much time, and venues to enjoy family time.

As one of NTUC’s uFamily Blog champions, our job is to encourage more families to go out and play. Read on to discover how uFamily will reward you to participate in family activities 🙂

Everyone only got 24 hours a day.
If Daddy is not making an effort to engage the kids, he will be watching movies, busy with PS2 and Wii, or even sleeping zzz. Blogging seems to be a more wholesome pastime, Daddy gets to document our family memories, and we can share our experiences. Read our blog Vision :

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SengkangBabies’ Vision
– influence parents to inject Fun into their kiddos life stages
– get more parents to engage their kiddos in daily activities
– spend more time with kiddos and strengthen bonds
– mold a “Happy and Fun” childhood for our kiddos,
there is afterall, only one childhood
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With uFamily, we will be sharing upcoming events which are suitable for families.
Did anyone went picnicking at Marina Barrage last Sat? Read how uFamily Blog Champions enjoy a fun-fill family day 🙂

On 24Nov, MegaDance would rock the dance floor. Kids will be the stars !

And we suspect Gangnam Kancheong style will be Hot this Nov !

Meanwhile, pop by our Fun-itinerary page to research your next playgrounds 🙂
–> http://sengkangbabies.com/places-of-interest

If we ever run out of playgrounds (ideas), we just consult our kids.
Give them a Nikon D4, a pail of water (not in-house!), and see what mischief will hatch :p

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Thanks to uFamily, we have a $30 NTUC voucher to giveaway 🙂

a) Click to join U Family for free, and receive updates on latest events and promotions for families. A welcome gift awaits all sign-ups till 31 December 2012.

b) Liked SengkangBabies and uFamily fanpage

c) Special for our blog readers only, one random winner will stand to win $30 NTUC voucher. On our Fanpage, share with us how you make an effort to participate in family activities. (if more than 20 fans response, NTUC will sponsor a second $30 voucher)

d) Contest dateline is 14th Oct 11pm. Good luck.

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T&C for giveaway
1. This giveaway is open to fans of SengkangBabies Facebook page, who are residing in Singapore only.
2. This is sponsored and managed by U Family and its representing agency Dice Studio LLP.
3. Winners will be contacted via email.
4. All decisions made are final.
5. U Family and Dice Studio LLP reserve the right to change the contents and the terms & conditions of the giveaway without prior notice.

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You can gather more updates about U Family events at :
–> http://www.ufamily.org.sg
–> http://www.facebook.com/NTUCUFamily

U Family is a community that advocates the building of strong and happy families by championing work-life integration for working families.