Nerf Gun war and Water Bomb in Sengkang

Since Hasbro gifted us with some Nerf Guns (and BOW!), kids have been pestering me to join them in a Nerf Gun war!
Band of Brothers

Playing outdoor is definitely better than indoors. Daddy need not be their target board anymore. Nerf Gun war and water bombs are definitely two Fun way for me to bond with the boys!

We practice cover concealment, section movement, leap and bound and I almost got the boys to do leopard crawl. GI Jane Boon Xin would have love to flank with us but alas, she went for some ladies grooming activities with Mummy (girls bonding).

Video : Nerf Guns and Water Bombs, kids love the idea of SPLASHING Daddy!

To celebrate our Nerf Gun war and successful capture of “Sengkang Hill” (Riverside Park), the boys engage in a round of Water Bombs!

For that 1 hour, we occupied the whole hill. Our laughter and sweats accompany us as we try to whack each other. Besides running silly and dodging the bullets, it was a good way to keep Fit!

Water bombs with kids!

Remember these water filled plastic bags?
We call them water bombs. $0.80 gets you 50 packs.

Daddy told the kids his childhood neighbours used to carpet-bomb unsuspecting passer-bys from the 6th storey!

One moment Dry, the next Wet! We conducted our war at Sengkang Riverside Park.

It was Fun (and wet) relieving Daddy and Mummy’s childhood memories. Passing “Fun traditions” over to the next generation.

Pail and Plastic bag checked.
Spare Underwear and tower checked :p
Teams members checked.
We even have our own team tactics.

Preparing our water ammunition.

Video : No aiming of water bombs at groin or face, kids started chasing each other πŸ™‚

Although Daddy and Mummy might not outrun the kids, we can certainly outwit them :p

We got 100 more packets left, let us GO get Wet again!

The afternoon water bombs session was also a great opportunity for the boys to destress from their exams.