Wild Wild Wet is super Fun

3,2,1 we waited for the HUGE bucket of water to rain down on us !
SengkangBabies literally ran wild at Downtown East’s Wild Wild Wet (WWW).

A whole new water world awaits us after the gate.

Two by Two, the siblings went for multiple slides. It is always FUN at WWW.

Torpedo is one of the new additions at WWW. The website indicates you can have FUN twisting at G-Force, and the queue confirms the ride’s popularity.

Video : WWW got a crazy Video to invite the dare devils !

Mummy convince us the Shiok River aka Lazy drift should be more relaxing. Daddy agrees πŸ™‚

Boon Wee and Daddy did went up and down the milder Water Work a few times.

Video : Our family did enjoy the Ular-Lar raft ride down the hugh slide, maybe except Boon Yee. Check our his Tense face in video below (at 16s) :p

The family will also enjoy drifting up and down the violent Tsunami gentle waves.

This June Holiday, WWW has form party for everyone ! We enjoy two form experiences on one day, Daddy highlighted too much soapy Fun, but the kids disagree. (photos of our foam party at POLW )

YES, no need to shower at home later !

We visited WWW in May 2012 too, this time round, the Kids have grown taller and more adventurous. They can join us on more rides now πŸ™‚ Our previous fun photos (2012May) are available on our Fanpage.

Daddy loves Boon Xin, but he still declines her invitation to slide down the four-storeys SLIDE-UP, η»•δΊ†ζˆ‘ε§!

Checkout what other Slides and Fun does WWW offers.

(Map credit and Full size)

Wet Wet Wild. or Wild wild Wet. It works both ways, our family had so much Fun splashing around πŸ™‚

The above photos are taken with our waterproof kit (dicapac), and more fun photos are available on our Fanpage.

For more water playgrounds and activities in Singapore, do drop by our guestpost on WAM. When it comes to Waterplay (玩水), our kids are really cool !

Video : More slides here

More information about Wild Wild Wet :
2013Jun and 2012May photos

– Adults $19, Child (3 to 11) $14, Family package (2A 2C) $60

Water playgrounds in Singapore

When Daddy talks about water bomb, fireman or puddles, kids relate it to Water, ie FUN!

Follow Boon Wee (2006) as he gestures to the pool behind πŸ™‚

We had tons of fun at Lower Seletar, Zoo, Shopping Centers and even with pails!

If your kids love our recommendation, share the love and Fun :p