SGSecure, keep Singapore Safe

SGSecure (Singapore Secure) should not be new to Singapore. We see the logos on media, apps and campaigns. Outreach effort to reach school, communities and society. Our ministers are reminding us “Not If but When”.

SGSecure app

We cannot only rely on security forces to protect us, everyone must be vigilant. SGSecure App allows us to report suspicious incidences and it can warn us to avoid incident areas too.

On one of our breakfast trips, we witnessed some SGSecure activities at Teck Ghee during Emergency Preparedness Day (EP), communities would get to witness how security forces handle disasters and incidences (especially terrorists related).

Community must trust and support each other, otherwise the perpetrators would have achieve their objectives. You might be surprised but some actually believe that Singapore’s racial-harmony happens by chance. With new immigrants in our melting pot, it will only get more challenging to gel everyone towards a common objective, that is

Keeping Singapore Safe.

Emergency Preparedness Day

The breakfast crowd witnessed how terrorists “kill” indiscriminately and took some hostages. Police and Protection forces were subsequently activated to subdue the bad guys.

Some of the take home message from our EP episode.

It might look a bit drama (staged), but we hope Singapore would be able to react to a real situation and stand strong in the aftermath.

Kids understand more about SGsecure’s take home message. One of it is “Run, Hide, Tell“. When it is not safe to call 999, we can sms 71999 to alert Police.

Everyone can apply “Press, Tie and Tell” to help another person.
In an emergency, ambulance might not reach us in time, and we need to alleviate a casualty’s condition and prolong his life. You need not be a first aider to apply some basic first aid skills.

Image credit SGSecure

Once situation under control, SCDF can evacuate the casualties and MP shake hands 🙂

Teaser 1. How many of you know about the nearest bomb shelter? I know Sengkang and Punggol MRT are not shelters, nearest one is at Buangkok MRT (refer SCDF website) .

I hesitate to mention HDB’s shelter storeroom, my family got six members, how to squeeze in?

Teaser 2.
In an earlier posts about 15th Feb, fall of Singapore during World War 2, I was not surprised that kids might not have any impression. Schools might let them prepare some sweet potatoes and social studies refresh the importance of history.

What was surprising was parents were not aware of significance of 15th Feb!

(but we all know 14th Feb Valentine’s)


Are Singaporeans really too complacent and naive when it comes to security matters?

Teaser 3.
How many kids were born when United States WTC (World Trade Centres) went down during event 911 (in 2001)? Till today, we still cannot fathom why terrorists would ram jets into buildings! Or do the kids even remember the riots in Little India?


Image credit SGSecure

War need not longer be conventional, other countries and ideologies might just need to engage in cyber attacks (fake news) to sow mistrust and break our social fabric and turn communities against one another.

Marawi is not exactly far from Singapore. We hear about radicals and extremists in Malaysia and Indonesia. Even Singaporeans are being radicalised!

Even if the terrorists are not on our shore yet, Singaporeans love to travel. We better know how to respond and evacuate during an emergency.

Video (YouTube link): Drilling the kids on fire evacuation


Do pop by other security related posts on our blog ->  (Some topics include First aid kits and extinguishers at home, HDB evacuation)

Look out for the next Emergency Preparedness Day scheduled for 26th Aug. We would recommend these three venues for the next family outing.

Harmony in Diversity gallery)
– Fire stations open house

Fire station open house

More about SGSecure and Police Repsonses on YouTube:
Run Hide Tell


(I am not talking about all the fake news online yet, it will be challenging for us to identify what is true and false in an emergency) 

How to Stay Prepared in an emergency

Sometimes, Daddy acts paranoid and wonder whether we know how to react during a crisis. How do we Stay Prepared?

If the adults are not prepared, what more the kids?

Recently, Temasek Cares distributed “Stay Prepared” bundles (N95 masks and emergency contact numbers) to all homes. We are expecting Indonesia’s Haze to return.

Singapore free n95 masks

What happens when a fire breakout? A lift breakdown?
Do we know which number to dial?
Do kids know how (and where) to shout for help?

Fire Escape HDB
Emergency number lift

More crisis scenarios.

How many of us have experience water and food rationing before?
Do we know where is the nearest bomb shelter (MRT)?
(are you really going to hide in your HDB bomb shelter?)

The Little India riot shows how helpless we can be.
Do we wait for riot police to control the situation?
Do we listen for latest updates on FM radio or TV channel?
What if our TV network is down?

Too many IFs ! We need an Emergency checklist.

It is up to us parents to raise our kids’ safety awareness.
If we adults do not know how to Stay Prepared for an emergency, the kids would be worse off.

Here are some of the basic things which we teach our kids :

1) In the event of a fire.
– evacuate everyone outside
– ask neighbours to call 995
– if fire is huge, head for staicase escape route, walk down the stairs

Kids must know where are the keys, and tall enough to open the doors and run outside.
(We have to assume that adults might be unconscious)

Video : Dry run – Kids walking down HDB staircase

2) Do we know what to do if someone suffers a burn, cut or fall?
Do we know how to apply first aid? (Boon Kang’s bad fall)

Ideally, someone in the home is trained with First Aid. This life saving skill can be helpful in a community.
Where to learn first aid

We need to improve our civic mindfulness too. Some of us have the “not my business” or “someone will do it” mentality. We often heard stories of how vehicles refuse to give way to ambulances !

Video : Look at how Germany give way to emergency services

More information about First Aid
SCDF courses (Learn about First AID, CPR, AED)
– refer poster above, do check with your RC or CC whether they have First Aid awareness courses
Rapid Rescue App, sends a signal to the nearest First Aider (not available for Android)

3) Do we have a First Aid box at home?
Do we know what to keep inside a First Aid box?
Where to buy First Aid box

4) Besides the First Aid box, an Emergency Grab Bag will come in useful too.
More about Stay Prepared campaign.

During a war, or terrorist attack, how do we respond? How do we keep in contact?
Some of the things which we take for granted :
– torchlight
– FM radio
– can opener (during Reservist, we realised cocktails cans are useless without the can opener!)
– batteries!

Sometimes, we always assume that Somehow Someone will know Something!
(or worse, government will handle everything)

If we parents are not prepared, who will protect our family?

How to go to Fire Station open house

– Every Sat from 9 to 11am, do pop by your neighbourhood Fire Stations open house. Take the opportunity to educate the kids about safety awareness (our Fire station visit)

Blood Donation anyone?