2019 OCBC Cycle Straits Times Ride

2019 OCBC Cycle came and go. Once a year, a group of Dads from DaddyMatters would gather in the morning to cycle with OCBC Cycle. Some will go for 42km, but most of us participate in the 23km route.

If you are interested in the family category 5km, we did the Mighty Savers with two kids too (blog post).

(L2R Nick,Lawrence,Randy,Randy,me,Ashvin,Son)

Missing two regulars for 2019 OCBC Cycle edition, both Winston and David could not make it.

Lawrence and Ashvin are new birds. Happy that no1 Boon Wee treat this event as an annual Dad/son event too 🙂

YouTube OCBC Cycle Video (Link):

I park two bikes overnight for the Sunday event. This meant I do not need to rush to load the bikes on Sunday itself.

The Dads are all smiles, we got to hangout and chill. And thank you to the Mrs for the permits, it was a mother’s Day :p

IG images credit the Dads 🙂

Two Randy Lims 🙂

We mentioned the family segments (for 2019 OCBC Cycle) on Saturday was lukewarm due to exam weekend.

However the Straits Time (ST) and Sportive category, 23km and 42km respectively, were popular and packed with enthusiastic riders.

The route is always the same. Starting and ending at SportsHub, bringing  cyclists along the Marina Bay and CBD area of Singapore.

However, it is tougher to reach Fort Road Youturn point in recent editions. ST category meant riders only have 30 minutes to dash from start to reach Benjamin Sheares Bridge (assuming you are Wave 1).

Technically still possible, but we would need to rush through and conquer the slopes at Benjamin Sheares Bridge.

Casual cyclists like us would miss out a lot of photo opportunities!

Enjoying our freedom on the highway !

I suspect a significant group of cyclists did not meet the cutoff timing too, and were redirected to a shorter route. I guess some of us are happy that we only need to scale Sheares Bridge once haha!

We call ourselves #OCBCUncle too.

2019 OCBC Cycle
2019 OCBC Cycle

All smiles, although we are tired.

After collecting our medals, we head off to our regular breakfast place.

We treasure the Dads bonding (and of course Prata) more than the cycling 🙂 Did Someone mention there would be a Mum group soon?

Thank you 2019 OCBC Cycle for the FUN invite and well organised event. Many cyclists (families and friends) left with beaming faces.

On hindsight, we should have more warm-up cycling sessions but everyone is busy with commitments 🙂

I got two feedback for the organisers:
– Extend the cutoff timing at Benjamin Sheares bridge (Fort road). Part of the fun of OCBC cycle is the thrill of speeding (ok rolling) down Benjamin Sheares Bridge

-Please allow cyclists more time to soak in the finishing moments (and selfies) inside the Stadium. Security folks and ushers were insistent that cyclists clear the stadium ASAP, it was a turn off. Stadium is the perfect venue to end and celebrate our rides!

Additional Points:

You can try to spot your family at OCBC Cycle Mighty Savers Family ride on their Facebook album (link).

This is the fourth year we are joining OCBC Cycle, checkout our episodes from 2016 to 2018 at this link http://sengkangbabies.com/tag/ocbc-cycle

Do pop by OCBC Cycle updates on their WebsiteInstagram and Facebook.

Do checkout all our cycling adventures (including Thailand and Taiwan) http://sengkangbabies.com/tag/cycling and our Instagram hashtag #skbCycles .

ps.. our rides were sponsored by OCBC Cycle.

Super Day Camp at SuperPark Singapore

We were at Super Day Camp at SuperPark last weekend.

School exams are over, kids got to enjoy their freedom running around SuperPark.

Super Day Camp was a blast, kids got to pick up new skills too.

YouTube (link) SuperPark first Super Day Camp


Super Day Camp is designed with kid  4-12 years old in mind. Kids are grouped into separate age group and go through selected (curated) activities.

Super Day Camp
Super Day Camp

Our instructors will add some additional challenges into the activities. Kids had tons of fun attempting to outwit and outrun each other.

Nevermind siblings or friends, these kids are out to WIN! But it is so much more fun to play together 🙂 

Through a series of play, younger kids can pick up new Sports, improve their motor skills and confidence. Kids are encouraged to cooperate with team members too, building up their social skills and teamwork.

Besides Super Day Camp activities, kids are welcomed to try all other challenges too (maybe after the official curriculum).Kids enjoying Catching in the maze too!

For some reasons, this boy loves parkour and was trying all sorts of stunts.

Thank you SuperPark for the Fun invitation. It was really fun to let the kids roam around and let down their hair.

You can read more about Super Day Camp package at this link. Each camp is priced at $150 (inclusive entry fee) and will last 6 hours.(Enter code “MEDIA10” to enjoy 10% discount)

Different age groups will have different activities, the instructors will lead kids to play according to themes “Skills, Tricks and Competition“.

Kids, keep on Moving and enjoy an active lifestyle!

Super Day Camp in only available for June and July, but you can book online already. Do follow SuperPark Singapore Facebook and Website for the latest updates.

Do checkout our previous SuperPark post too.

Image credit SuperPark

ps.. Our Super Day Camp is sponsored by SuperPark (#SPRPRKSG #SuperParkSG #SuperDayCamp )