Sengkang GRC Singapore General Election 2020!

Sengkang GRC is a new GRC for Singapore Election 2020. We have been under Sengkang West SMC all along (under Dr Lam Pin Min).

SengkangBabies have been in Sengkang since 2000 🙂

From a new couple, we expanded our family to four kids. Many families have also settled in Sengkang and the whole town literally bloomed!

We have been here before there was a MRT, when there were so many green fields for kite flying. Now we have MRT, Shopping Malls and even a Hospital.

Our “No 1” will be voting in GE2025! How time flies.

Photo taken in 2011

Back to SG Election 2020. From the sample count, it seems like Workers Party has scored another GRC! 53% against PAP’s 47%

Sengkang GRC
Sengkang GRC

We could hear so many screams and claps at 1am! Social Media was ablaze at Sengkang Residents’ votes! (Mothership link)

If the results hold (or even if results turn out otherwise), Sengkang residents are saying #NoBlankCheque

If PAP team is really voted out, Sengkang GRC would be another case of George Yeo (Aljunied 2011). Not sure about the others in team PAP Sengkang, but Dr Lam Pin Min has put in a lot of effort for Sengkang 🙁

Be it Workers Party or PAP, SengkangBabies vote for Singapore First!

More election results can be found on Mothership website.
(West Coast, East Coast and Aljunied are the other sites facing strong competition.)

Previous blog about Sengkang and Elections here, here and our HDB story.

*Update 0336. Final count for Sengkang GRC

Total – 120,166 electors
PAP – 55,214
Workers Party – 60,136

The Workers Party have secured Sengkang GRC and score an upset!
Sengkang Residents have taken a leap of faith by voting for Workers Party.

Workers Party now holds two GRC (Aljunied and Sengkang GRC) and a SMC (Hougang). They are the strongest opposition in Singapore, and will be sending 10 members into Parliament.

More hardwork lies ahead, we hope Workers Party will not let Sengkang residents down!

Sudio Ett is elegant

When I first grasped the Sudio Ett, the earbud screams Elegant! The white design, even the casing shouts chic.

The casing provides up to 30 hours of charging. This is definitely enough juice for your long flights or for sporty folks. USB C charges up the casing within a short period.

The earbuds themselves would provide up to 6 hours play time, 4 hours with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation).

Below image showcases the contents which come with your Sudio Ett. There are extra “buds” to fit different sizes 🙂

Casing is both sturdy and looks good. However, I keep fumbling when I try to remove the earbuds. There was a nagging concern that my earbud might slip off and drop.

But the Mrs has no issues. We had the Sudio Fem too, and the “removal” of Fem earbuds were straightforward.

Perhaps this could be due to the “longer” Ett.

This unit was a gift for the Mrs. She loved how my Sudio Fem works and was keen to enjoy some immersive Korean dramas.

For that 30 or 60minutes of movie time, she is in her own world. No kiddie screams or demands, household chores can wait.

Mrs can just chill and enjoy her Me-Time 🙂

As we are testing Sudio Ett during Singapore’s Covid19 “Circuit Breaker period”, the precious Me-Time was even more precious.

Kids need not go to school, and I was working from home. Although the Mrs loves us, being together for 7×24 can be a bit overwhelming hee hee.

The noise cancellation features were suitable for the countless Zoom and Hangout sessions too. Voices are clear and the other participants can hear us clearly too.

I will not highlight the automatic Bluetooth pairing for the Ett. Too easy and straightforward. You may read our Sudio FEM review here.

Just remove the earbuds from the casing and they are immediately paired with your phone. (Sudio Ett is Siri & Google assistant compatible too)

Once you order, unit will reach your home in about 7 days via courier.  You can enjoy Free Worldwide delivery and unit comes with 18-month international warranty.

Choose your Sudi Ett from 4 colours: Black, White, Green & Pink.

Image credit Sudio

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*Disclaimer, we have received a set of Sudio Ett for review purpose