We can fight Coronavirus but we cannot fight stupidity and ignorance

We can fight Coronavirus but we cannot fight stupidity and ignorance.
I was jogging around Sengkang and saw so many folks out with their trolleys at 10pm!

Government announced ORANGE (on DORSCON level), and everyone crazy chiong supermarket! Preparing for doomsday?

Is it really Kiasu and Kiasi ? or some misplaced well intentions.
I would urge everyone to be safe, but also demonstrate logical thinking and compassion.

I did not remember the same thing happening during SARS and H1N1 outbreak, or even during Haze period. Everyone Stay calm and sanitise!

Remember basic hygiene like washing our hands. And promote social responsibility, like resting at home when we are sick, or mask when we are not feeling well. 自动一点 please.

Government Whatsapp and tips:

Many people are second guessing what MOH and Government is doing.  Suddenly, everyone becomes Virus experts and consultants.

If Singapore is not moving in the same direction, forget about SGsecure and other initiatives. The best plans will be derailed by rumour and ignorance!

I would prefer the authorities to quota essentials, example maximum 10kg rice per family. Otherwise, this crazy phenomenon will harm ourselves even before the virus reaches us!

Many rumours are floating around in Social Media and Whatsapp, some are plain ridiculous:
– MRT and shopping centre lockdown
– Masks shortage in Singapore
– Maggie mee and toilet rolls hoarding
– Many more examples! (from MotherShip.sg)

Can you imagine a scenario where other folks are deny essential items?
-Mother cannot find baby powder for her toddler
-Uncle finishes night shift cannot buy his weekly ingredients (no more stock)
-Nurse who just finished her shift could not find toilet paper(what!)
-I do not want to queue 1 hour to get my favourite ice cream too

What I noticed is many non-Singaporeans are involved in the supermarket-clearing too. Do share with your neighbours and colleagues, no need to horde!

Even if you are buying non-essential item, you need to queue with the irrational ones!

Teenagers are another group.  I had to nag and nag again to my kids, avoid crowded spaces, sanitise your hands. Teenagers seem to think they are young and strong and can avoid coronavirus!

We can fight Coronavirus as a nation, but everyone needs to chip in. STAY CALM!

Video from 2012, our kids keeping their hands clean.

Thank you to the frontline healthcare folks helping to keep Singapore safe.

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Happy CNY 15th!


Volunteering at Willing Hearts

Chinese New Year day 3 and Volunteering at Willing Hearts. It was an extra day off for us and our family decided to do something meaningful.

There are plenty of activities at Willing Hearts, mainly ingredients preparation, food packing, cooking or cleaning.

We rotated vegetable sorting and cutting, cabbage peeling and potatoes peeling. It was a meaningful family activity for us.

Volunteers shifts are generally half day or full day. But we can tell you that 4 hours of vegetables sorting can be quite tiring haha. Besides, kids will get restless after 10 mins at the same station.

I did highlight that cabbage peeling can be therapeutic after the 4th basket. Just peel, no need to think :p

Volunteering at Willing Hearts
Volunteering at Willing Hearts

For first timers, please ask around and find a station to help. There might not be any supervisor to tell you what to do. After a while, new joiners will be asking you whether anyone need help 🙂

Kids are not allowed to use knives. We noticed that regulars would be sorting or cooking the meals in the kitchen.

Water and refreshment is available. Kids can also help to sweep the floor.

Volunteering is a good family bonding activity. While doing good, kids learn about empathy and giving back to society.

Some of our volunteering experiences are listed below.

Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift
Touch Meals On wheels (MOW) (Meals delivery)
Comchest Fudai 福袋 (Goodies delivery)
Willing Hearts (Kitchen help)
Acres (Age 14+, our kids are animal lovers)

Do take note there is only one entrance along Jln Ubi (GPS 1.317522, 103.900424 ). Volunteers who drive are supposed to park outside the compound.

Hearty Nasi Briyani after hard work.

You would need to reserve a slot before you head down. Willing Hearts do not entertain walkin due to the huge number of participants.

More details about volunteering at Willing Hearts  can be found on their website and Facebook.

ps.. Although Willing Hearts is started by Christians initiative, everyone is welcome