About Sengkang Babies

First, a warm welcome and hug.
盛港宝宝 welcomes you to our blog.

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Who are SengkangBabies?
Our Blog is a storyboard, telling a story about our growing up years.
Our four babies are the Stars in our blog.

– Daddy Andy
– Mummy Mengchoo
Wen Wei 文伟 (no 1)
Wen Kang 文康 (no 2)
Wen Yi 文驿 (no 3)
Wen Xin 雯锌 (no 4)

In case you have not noticed, our blog is packed with pictures and videos.
Our blog tries to dispel the myth that Singapore is boring, and our kids will show you where they had fun ! Just spend One min on our Fanpage albums and you will understand our adventures better 🙂

2013Aug – We blog about family timeline, growing up in Sengkang, and cute videos 🙂

1) We blog about our family’s growth and experiences.
Our blog captures our memories. (first crawl, first walk, or run etc)
You can expect daily muses, ups and downs, and gossips from our postings.

2) SengkangBabies are ambassadors of Fun.
We showcase how kiddos can have fun, anywhere, anytime 🙂

Blogging allows us to review our shared memories.
We have laughters while reviewing funny episodes.

Recommendation (for first timers)
– click to read where our babies are running in Singapore!
– or flying/swimming during our holidays.
– for specific areas of interest, navigate via our labels/tags

our Vision
– influence parents to inject Fun into their kiddos life stages
– get more parents to engage their kiddos in daily activities
– spend more time with kiddos and strengthen bonds
– mold a “Happy and Fun” childhood for our kiddos,
there is afterall, only one childhood

For parents considering more kids but apprehensive, look at us.
– a middle income family
– we do not have a maid, but somehow we survive :p
– kids’ smile and unconditional love are intangible, and a blessing
– it is fun watching the siblings play or fight among themselves

Leave a comment, contact us via email, Instagram or our Fanpage. We value your feedback, and Daddy will try his best to response.

ps.. Our Old blog pre-2012Mar is at http://SengkangBabies.blogspot.com
(in case you need to reference some old entries)