Kirei Kirei keeps the germs away

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When my kids were still in childcare, the number one concern for us parents were always kids’ health, especially contamination and spread of germs. Our morale really drops when teacher calls to report your child is sick.

Infectious diseases and conditions like diarrhea, HFMD (Hand Food Mouth Disease), chickenpox and even flu spread from kids to kids via toys and common surfaces.
We can ensure our kids practice proper hygiene, but we just need a few selfish parents to “smuggle” their sick child into school to start a chain-reaction πŸ™

If you have multiple kids in a childcare, you might need to endure the trauma once or twice as infection goes through a few cycles!

Parents have to take leave and stay home with the child, or the child might bring the germ home to infect his siblings.
Inconveniences (taking urgent leave) and expensive consultations follow!

Teaching our kids proper hygiene practices is one of the effective ways to stay healthy. On top of proper hygiene practices, we are using Kirei Kirei products at home, from sanitizer to hand soap and body foam to help our family to get additional anti-bacterial protection.

Did you know that Kirei Kirei’s anti-bacterial ingredients are not within FDA list of banned active anti-bacterial ingredients. This does give parents more assurance.

Kirei Kirei products use 100% cleansing ingredients from plants formulation. This means Kirei Kirei products can help to cleanse and care for our skin too, without causing any irritation.

We love Kirei Kirei’s soft creamy foam, which is unlike normal hand-wash liquid (form). This allows for effective cleansing of hands.

Our family loves the great outdoors, be it hiking , cycling or jogging.
But we sometimes cannot find a place to clean our hands before we consume our snacks.

The pocket Hand Sanitizer will be useful during such situations to keep our hands hygienic.

Choose your favourite Kirei Kirei out of four fruity fragrances πŸ™‚
Natural Citrus, Moisturizing Peach, Refreshing Grape and Caring Berries.

Kirei Kirei means “Clean Clean“.
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