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I always try to impress upon the kids to cherish Singapore.

Although Singapore is just a little red dot, there are many pockets of greenery which keep the city alive. Singapore is called “City in a Garden” for a reason, and we love the interconnecting park connectors and gardens all around. Even the ponds and waterways are now accessible for water sports πŸ™‚
Punggol Promenade cycling

Be it Cycling, Hiking or even Jogging, residents can always find an activity to bond and keep fit πŸ™‚

When we love our surroundings and cultivate a sense of ownership for our living environment, the younger generation will also learn in our footsteps.
Bishan Park

Those who have visited Taiwan and Japan before will realise that there is a “lack” of bins in public areas, yet the streets are so clean! The culture of holding on to their litter till they dispose of it at home is engrained in them through their upbringing. Japan and Taiwan residents also subscribe to the value of recycling.
cute dustbins, create awareness

I look forward to the day when Singapore can adopt the same habits as the Taiwanese or Japanese. But the truth is, Singapore still lack civic mindedness. If not for our hardworking cleaners, rubbish and thrash (perhaps rats) will greet us in the morning. Kudos to our hardworking cleaners!

Here are some examples of the negative behavior we can see around us :

– People throwing litter such as cigarette butts and tissue paper from high-rise buildings
– Dog poo, left behind by owners who are not responsible enough to scoop and bin them
– People who conveniently leave their food waste and drinks behind after their gatherings at the void decks
– Residents conveniently dropping mail pamphlets from letterboxes onto the ground
– Neighbours who leave their rubbish in the lift, assuming someone clear it up for them
rubbish in lift

Very often, the bins are less than 1 meter away and every instance is a teachable moment, a reminder for kids to keep Singapore clean. How I wish Singapore can be rid of such inconsiderate behaviour.

Every little effort counts, some of the activities which we are doing to keep Singapore clean :
– Binning our litter
– My kids always reminding me about the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), in turn not creating so much rubbish for the environment!
– Returning our trays at fast food restaurant

A Clean and Green Singapore means we all get to enjoy more outdoor activities. Imagine if the waters were dirty, you really wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it, would you?
keep singapore clean

I am proud of friends who consciously pick up litter along the way. I am constantly reminding my kids to take care of our environment. Let us all be considerate and keep Singapore clean πŸ™‚

You can do your part too! If you are interested to become a volunteer and help keep Singapore clean, you can email the Public Hygiene Council at to sign up today!

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