CooperVision’s #ISeeLove campaign


Recently, SengkangBabies are busy uploading our Family photos.

You see, CooperVision has a new “Live Brightly” campaign, where it wants to give contact-lens users a refreshing perspective (no pun intended).

Daddy loves Coopervision’s tagline :
The real benefit of contact lens is not to see, it’s to Experience.

From 2013 April to October, CooperVision will have a different #Isee theme each month. CooperVision is asking the consumers “What do you See?”

Example of a theme can be #IseeFaces. Every photo, shape and object can be interpreted differently.

In April, SengkangBabies will be campaigning under the theme #IseeLove

We are a parenting blog, so no prize for guessing who makes parents stressed Smile. When we are Happy, it means our Family is in Love right? (you must Say YES)

CooperVision is encouraging everyone to summit their own definition of Love ♥
– How do you define Love?
– How do you view Love?
– How do you feel in Love?
– Be creative

** Click for Photo submission app.
(you need to LIKE Coopervision page first)

Attractive prizes await the winning composition, including three months of contact-lens.

To quote from CooperVision’s website :
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lens. CooperVision helps to improve the way people see each day. We bring a refreshing perspective to how we live in and see the world. If you see the world as we do, you can expect your life to be filled with valuable innovations, vivid colours and vibrant connections.

Webpage :
Contest Registration and gallery – Facebook app
Twitter : hashtag #IseeLove

..Image Credit..
Except for our family photos, the other images are from CooperVision marketing

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