Preview for Nanyang Optical’s Eyelet Junior Eyewear

Are your kids active? (couch potatoes and iPad finger exercises are not in scope :p )
Are they suffering from myopia?

Our Wen Wei (no1) happens to be both. Both Daddy and Mummy hope his eyewear is comfortable. Talking about sports, Wei is very active, and he participates in swimming, athletics, badminton and even Taekwondo.

Nanyang Optical‘s new Eyelet Junior range is designed with active kids in mind. In the video below, the girls can participate in their sports without constantly adjusting their spectacles 🙂

Eyelet’s tagline is “Stable on your face“. It means you do not need to use your finger to constantly prop up your specstacle. Daddy’s spectacles can slide down his nose bridge too !

Wei will undergo an assessment and he will trial a pair of Eyelet Junior.
Daddy will share more about Nanyang Optical and Wei’s new spectacles soon.

Meanwhile, you can gather more information :

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