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Redoxon Kids Vitamin C is keeping our kids strong and healthy. When the kids are not falling sick easily, both kids and parents are happier and more relieved.

Brought to you by Redoxon, Singapore’s most favorite Vitamin C brand. Redoxon is the same brand which carries the popular effervescent vitamin C tablets, and chewable tablets and capsules for adults and kids.

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We know Vitamin C can be sourced from our daily intake of vegetables (like Broccoli and Cauliflower) or fruits (Kiwifruit and oranges). Redoxon’s Gummies offer Vitamin C supplement for children.

With Vitamin C, our kids not only build up a stronger immune system to resist infections, it also helps them to recover faster when they are sick.

One or two gummies a day (for kids age 3 to 8), and our kids should be stronger to keep germs and sickness further away. Daddy assume kids do not yearn to see their doctors too frequently, and most kids love gummies 🙂

Vitamin C is only one of the components to keep our children healthy, a healthy lifestyle (sufficient sleep and exercise) will be essential to make our kids stronger.

Redoxon Kids Vitamin C gummies is currently available at Guardian, Watsons, Unity, supermarkets, and other leading retailers. Redoxon also has a whole range of Vitamin C products for the entire family, including effervescent tablets, chewable tablets and capsules for adults and kids.

Retail price: 25 pieces for $3.95, and 100 pieces for $14.50

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