Samsung Laundry Eco Bubble Technology

Samsung is good with smartphones, and their washing machines got “Eco bubble technology“. Eco What ?

This funny video will show us why the Bears are impressed with the washer. We find it amusing that the whole family queue up to wash their fur jackets!

Samsung’s Eco Bubble Technology claims to save energy (eco friendly), and yet spins x40 faster than normal washers. There is a feature video at this link.

Some other features of Samsung’s new washer :
– we heard the diamond drum pattern will help to ensure longer protection for our clothes and fabric
– some models offer a quiet drive motor(no belts or gears), which keep our home peaceful and quiet during the wash

SengkangBabies is not a small family, and you can imagine our mountain-high laundry. Maybe Samsung’s Eco Bubble washer will help Mummy save time and money πŸ™‚

Read the wash-cool details here.

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