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From now till 29 Mar, Arts In Your Neighbourhood (AYN) hopes to bring a myriad of Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Theatre performances for everyone to enjoy an enriching arts experience at their doorstep. I am not exactly the arty-farty person, but this French lady “Claire Ducreux” totally impressed us with her creative act.

To quote from the organiser :
“Arts for All is an initiative by National Arts Council to promote self-expression, creativity and bonding through the arts by bringing it to where people live, work and play.”

Arts is very subjective, everyone brings home different interpretation. I can definitely learn to appreciate street art performances.
NAC Arts for All

Venue : Woodlands Civic Centre
The beauty of arts performances is we do not know what to expect. With “Barco De Arena“, Claire rocks her boat, or is a boat? Nevermind, just use your imagination.

As the performance sails along, more curious families popped by to see the arts performance.
Arts in your Neighbourhood

It is hard to peel our eyes off her mesmerising moves. As her “boat” swung left and right like a pendulum, you realised every motion is synchronised.

We adored Claire’s interaction with the crowd! Her volunteer gamely row the “boat”, while romantic ballad played in the background. Audiences were clapping and cheering them on, and the whole atmosphere is just so soothing.
Claire Ducreux Barco De Arena

Video : Row row row your boat

Venue : Nee Soon East Courtyard
The second act we attended was “A Prince’s Journey” by Ding Yi Music Company. It is a fusion of live Chinese chamber music, theatre, and animation. We follow the Prince as he escaped from his palace. Along the journey, he learns to appreciate things which he had taken for granted.
day 1 Friday French6

Audiences were introduced to Chinese musical instrument like 柳琴 (Liu3 Qin2) and 琵琶 (Pi2 Pa2). The guitar look-alike 中阮 and 大阮 (Zhong1 Ruan3 and Da4 Ruan3) do not sound like Chinese instruments at all.

So melodic!
Arts for All A Prince's Journey

As the Prince tried to run and hide, kids (seated at the front row) purposely sent the palace guards running in the opposite direction.
Ding Yi Music Company

Arts in your Neighbourhood” wants you to enjoy arts in a comfortable setting. Yes, sandals and shorts are fine, sit on the floor. (No need for formal wear and strict auditorium manners)
day 1 Friday French5

Interaction with the Ding Yi Music Company.
day 1 Friday French3

Grab the Arts booklet, book your next Arts calender event. Be it Ang Mo Kio, Tanglin Halt, Tampines or Bedok, there is something to intrigue everyone.

All the events are free!
Arts For All Sg

We are curious about a giant Doodle artwork at Circuit Road Food Centre (this art piece was conceived with residents’ input of iconic Circuit Road trademarks)
Doodle circuit Road
(image credit Instagram @artsforallsg)

Kids can collect badges at each show or summit an activity card (example identify 5 neighbourhood activities in doodle map) to win an exclusive “Arts in your Neighbourhood” collectible.
day 1 Friday French4

Venue : Hougang Central Hub
We love Claire Ducreux’s performance so much, we did an encore with “De Paseo“.
Claire Ducreux De Paseo

After my arts immersion, I do have some take home messages for the kids.
Be creative and inspired, dare to dream, think out of the box!

Do pop by the following links for more updates about “Arts in your Neighbourhood” :
– Instagram @artsforallsg

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