heART Studio workshop

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School Holiday brought us to Heart Studio workshop recently.
heART Studio workshop

Presenting Boon Kang and Boon Xin’s masterpiece from Heart Studio workshop.
Boon Kang chose “Light Up My World” and Boon Xin “Totoro”.

Nice right πŸ™‚
20151204 heart studio

Look at heaRT Studio’s gallery and corridor and you will see a lot of happy paintings πŸ™‚
A lot of parents are happy with their kids’ masterpieces.
20151204 heart studio4

Boon Xin’s cute Totoro taking shape, looking cute and adorable.
She had to draw the belly outline, ear, tail and eye.
20151204 heart studio3

Xin had to make sure Totoro’s craws look sharp and eyeballs dotted :p
When I ask her whether Totoro is cute, she told me she did not know Totoro (face-palm moment wahaha).

Stroke by stroke, Kang slowly sketch out the bridge and buildings outline.
I love the depth and layers displayed on his canvas.

Even the bridge’s reflections look so realistic πŸ™‚
20151204 heart studio2

From a blank canvas to a starlit San Francisco skyline, Kang illustrates his imagination with teachers’ guidance.
20151204 heart studio1

Thank you for the Fun invite, Heart Studio!
Our previous workshops are tag under “heART Studio“.

heART Studio – Teaching Art from the Heart
Do pop by their website and fanpage for the latest activities.

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