2015 gone in a flash

The Days are long and the Years short.

Those with kids will understand, especially when you are breastfeeding at unearthly hours, managing with 4 hours sleep daily.

Especially when my No4 goes to Primary school (I am lamenting discount of 4 days CCL!)
Or when our No1 enters Secondary School next year (he is 5 years away from NS!)

Time flies!

Let me try to recall some other milestones in our family.

I make a secret resolution to keep fit last year. Am still trying to keep up my running tempo (tried 10km, and even 20km), and was super elated that family can join me in runs too!

Since then, we have all master cycling, and our new found mobility are bringing us places (literally).
I always believe that the family which keeps fit together grows strong together.

Do read about our Jogging and Cycling experiences.

I was addicted to hiking and the freedom from trekking up/down Ijen and Bromo (Thanks to Garuda Indonesia and Nuffnang’s sponsored East Java trip).

Would like to invite the kids for some hiking sessions in Malaysia 🙂

More adventures…
1) We surmounted USS’s Mummy ride together, although not all are enthusiastic :p

2) What makes us even dream of attempting white water rafting?

3) Mommy Meng Choo reminded me that she is extremely satisfied that our flat got a fresh coat of paint. We have not repainted since year 2000! I did not do the painting, do contact us if you want reference for reliable and honest painter.

Something close to my heart, Lee Kuan Yew’s passing. Without him and our pioneers, many families would not be able to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle today.

Singaporeans missed LKY during NDP and rehearsals, but we also want to show him that we can take care of ourselves 🙂

Along our blogging journey, I was glad to know a group of like-minded buddies!
Heh, even the kids have become kakis!

Video : Kids enjoying Green Corridor walk

Just like that, 2015 flashed past again.
We are looking forward to new challenges in 2016.

Meanwhile, SengkangBabies wish everyone Health and Happiness in the New Year 🙂

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