2017 for us

Hello 2017, new challenges await but we will be ready πŸ™‚
If there is only one thing I need the kids to know, Be Brave and Adventurous.

That applies to everyday life, pursue of our own aspirations and of course PSLE (cough!) There will always be obstacles and hurdles along the way.

Persevere and do your best, know that family is behind you all the way.

PSLE for No2 (Boon Kang) would be the most anticipated event in 2017 #NoStress haha πŸ™‚
We do not need our kids to be top in their class, as long as they put in their best efforts.

Rest assured that Mummy and Daddy will walk together with you through rain or sun.

Family is growing so FAST when we browse through our photos! Just look at how tall No1 Boon Wee is now (1.77m!)
When you look through your Instagram and Facebook activities, it is amazing all the memories that we can packed into 2016!

Seems like we just bid 2015 adios not so long ago and 2017 is already here.

If I use the analogy of our fledgling Olive-backed Sunbird(Sunbird nest along our corridor), kids would have their own lives (higher studies, soldier and careers) in a decade and less!

Yes, kids are very noisy and quarreling with each other too, but I know I am going to miss all the “noises” when they are at home “lesser”. Truly, Days are long and Years are short.

The proudest thing which I have done for the kids is to inculcate a love for nature and sports. Sports build up their characters and make them more resilient.

I always tell the kids and my friends, there is never a “free” time.
If we parents do not lead by example when we are able and mobile, then when?

Any sports will do, just let them enjoy the great outdoors! Families will enjoy some bonding sessions too. (Links to Hiking, Cycling, and Running)

I would like to demonstrate to the kids that anything is achievable, but I got to admit 42km Marathon is a crazy harder target :p

If I can squeeze in the time and effort to attempt a Marathon (Sundown Marathon in March 2017), kids can be brave to dream BIG and own their Aspirations.

On a side note, when our family gets more adventurous and robust, our travel itinerary has more options!
We are no longer confined to city comforts (and shopping), we can do more exploration and non-mainstream activities.

Cheers to more camping and hiking trips, Yeah!

If the Mrs is reading this, I have not given up hope of having a couple trip with her. Nothing elaborate just 3D2N, we can pack the kids off to a staycation with their ε€§θˆ… πŸ™‚

After spending so much time and energy on the kids, we deserve more couple time too, just you and me β™₯

How, Meng Choo?

Bitter or sweet, all are memories from 2016.
From our family to your family, Happy New Year and may 2017 brings you Health and Happiness πŸ™‚

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15 thoughts on “2017 for us”

  1. I just blogged that “the days are long, but the years are short” today too! Your kids are really so big now, and looks like #1 has your height genes. Love how your holidays have been so different from the typical cities and hotels, and I especially love that you want to go on a couple holiday with your wife. That one must be a nice and relaxing one, no mountain-climbing okay? Your wife deserves a pampering session!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Mary! And Happy New Year too πŸ™‚
      I am looking forward to more outdoor activities with the family, and if I score a couple trip, that will be a huge bonus!

  2. Hey Andy, here’s to another year of being inspired by you and your family. Years pass by so fast, our kids getting older and so are we so need to take a leaf from you and be out there more with the kids, especially exercising!
    Happy New Year to SengKang Babies (not really babies anymore!)
    David recently posted…Snow on the Onsen – 7 Lessons for 2017My Profile

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