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Daddy first came across URA’s GoingPlaces publication in 2012. GoingPlaces is an online magazine which shares the Fun and Happening corners in Singapore.

Daddy had written to URA, requesting to feature more family friendly venues. Parents are a good source of “Fun playgrounds”, and we hope to convince more families that Singapore is not boring. Daddy even blog about SG-Not-Boring before.

Do pop by “More Stuffs” section, Singapore is small but there are always things to discover 🙂

If parents run out of ideas, just bring our young kids out on a no-itinerary Saturday morning. Let the kids lead us to Fun! Every single piece of green, little pond, and even the blue sky are ingredients for FUN!.

*** If you need further evidence, pop by our “Places of Interest” tab, we are still digging out more Fun places from Singapore (+ surrounding islands Ubin, Semakau).

Fast forward 2013 Mar, Going Places got back to us, and invited parenting-bloggers to showcase some “unusual, uncommon” playgrounds in Singapore 🙂

These are our Contributions (click for link) :

– Ai Sakura (Sakura Haruka) – Kampong Lorong Buangkok
– Kelvin Ang (CheekieMonkies) – Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk
– Rachel See (4MalMal.com) – Her boys love trekking and nature 🙂
– Andy Lee (盛港宝宝)- Wet Market AMK Ave 10 (click for photos)

For more interesting insights, do subscribe to GoingPlaces or follow their Fanpage.
Thank you URA, for providing a platform to share our playgrounds 🙂

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I am a Blogging Daddy of four. Our kids are roaming Singapore to bring you FUN, This blog is use to capture our kids' growing up phases, and we want you to leave our blog with a smile :) View all posts by SengkangBabies

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