Where are the Daddy bloggers hiding?

Since 2010, we knew Daddy bloggers (爸爸部落格) are the exquisite rare ones in Singapore. There are so many Mummy bloggers. Along the way, a few Dads pop up over the horizon to stake a foothold in the blogging sphere.

We claim to have different perspectives from the Mums. Actually, Dads are a good excuse for the kids to go outdoor and get dirty (away from homework and housework).
Daddy even came out with the playful Tag “We bring you Fun!” for our blog motto.

The idea caught on, and people came to associate SengkangBabies as Cute, Fun and Adventurous. Our blog name “Sengkang+Babies” is not easily forgotten 🙂

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Then, on Monday, a cute Teddy bear appeared on some of the Daddies’ Facebook and Twitter profiles.

On Tuesday, more teddies appear, and “DM” logo appears.

This morning. “Daddy Matters” was born.

Think 11. Band of Brothers, Ocean’s 11, Soccer team, 11 Dads came together to form “Daddy Matters”. We share a common passion in blogging, photography and most importantly, we strive to be good Dads 🙂

Over two days, the idea for a Daddies-grouping was inseminated, the 11 Fathers identified (no Mummy involved), and our baby was delivered. In army lingo, “chop chop” (prompt).

Daddy Winston elaborates why “Daddy Matters” is no shortgun, we are here to stay, and share. Anyway, Daddy Andy is very happy to belong to this group of brothers. We support each other (no bromance ♥), and we always use Kopi as a metaphor for “agree to disagree”.

Why Daddy Matters :
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– the Cool Daddies eleven
– Do pop by Daddy M and Kelvin‘s heartfelt confession too :p

Image credits. The images above and “Daddy Matters” blog design are crafted by the talented Daddy Winston.

Author: SengkangBabies

I am a Blogging Daddy of four. Our kids are roaming Singapore to bring you FUN, This blog is use to capture our kids' growing up phases, and we want you to leave our blog with a smile :) View all posts by SengkangBabies

2 thoughts on “Where are the Daddy bloggers hiding?”

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby! 🙂

    It’s really wonderful to see this initiative from the daddy bloggers. Very professional and impressive website. There are hundreds of mommy bloggers around, but the dads are a rare species. It’s really great to see the eleven of you rallying together to want to make a difference. May all of you inspire and bless many daddies through your sharing and stories.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Ing 🙂
      It is very much our intention to share our collective experience with more families out there (not only Dads).

      The Fun has just started 🙂

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