Philips ‘+’ Project hopes to Improve our lives

Have you ever feel strongly about something close to your heart.
It can be thinking about how we can improve our lives, make things better, or simply put a smile on someone else.

Daddy is talking about Philip’s “+” Project, an initiative to ask Singaporeans to touch our hearts and ask “What Matters”, and do something about it.

To quote from Philips “+” Project :
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
The ‘+’ Project by Philips underlines our commitment to improve the quality of people’s lives in Asia Pacific. Through the ‘+’ project, we aim to work together with you, your community and other stakeholders, combining insights with expertise, technology with funding to face these challenges and make a real difference to the quality of lives of you and your loved ones. We call this meaningful innovation.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Look around us, can we make something better? Philips have shortlisted a few ideas to pick our brain. What matters to us? Is it our family, friends, community and loved ones?

–> You might be interested in some of the research spinning off the themes, or maybe the survey results.

How does the survey works? . ..(Daddy forgot to mention the $10,000 carrot)

1) Click for Philips “+” survey
2) Fill up the survey form, then vote for one of the Five ideas. Philips will pick winning idea in December
3) Philips will work with various stakeholders, + Philips technology know-how to realise your idea

Singapore is the third country in Asia, after Indonesia and Thailand. Drop by to view how communities have benefited.

One of the “Parenting and Family” questions, was about breastfeeding support in Singapore. Daddy was motivated to talk about breastfeeding and husband’s role.

The husbands can definitely do more than washing milk bottles, and EPL can wait:p

No more What IFs, make your voice counts.
Click to start your survey.

More updates on Philips “+” can be found :
— Tweeter hashtag #SGPlus

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