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When you pump at Shell, you will see this Shell Fuelsave Log card.

This is not a normal log card to record your trips, Shell’s FuelSave log card allows you to measure and benchmark your own fuel-efficiency journey.

Over the next few weeks, Daddy will be participating in Shell Fuelsave Blogger challenge.
Read on, if you agree with one of the points below :

– interested to discover more about Shell’s FuelSave tips?
– curious to know how fuel economy will increase your petrol milage?
– perhaps you wish to know how Shell’s fuel economy tips will save money and environment?

Daddy’s first tank of 25 litres with Shell fuelsave log card. Daddy promise to try his best and drive slower to see how our MPV’s fuel economy will improve.

To quote from Shell:
The Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014 is part of an educational journey designed to help drivers learn how to save fuel. It is an experiential driving challenge that enables drivers to measure their current fuel efficiency level, gain greater insight into their driving behaviour and habits, and evaluate how their driving styles can be improved to reduce fuel consumption with the use of Shell fuels and Shell FuelSave tips and ultimately, save costs.

How to improve Fuel economy

Some of us might be skeptical, Singapore is an urban city (read too many traffic lights), we wonder if fuel efficiency tips are even feasible or possible?

Just ask Shell’s four contestants, they were selected by Shell to undergo a challenge. Everyone apply Shell’s fuel efficient driving techniques (yes, off the aircon) and achieved 50% improvement in their fuel economy!
(results tabulated from two test drives within the day)

Can you imagine your sedan (non-diesel) achieving an average mileage of 23.37 KM/L !

(image credit Shell Fuelsave)

The 1.6l Toyota Altis which were used by four Shell Fuelsave challengers.

(image credit Shell Fuelsave)

Some of the fuel economy tips are common sense, which we drivers sometimes forget. Shell shared some of their fuel economy tips during the media session :

– fastest way to kill your fuel economy is to rev the engine, and constant eBrake
– keep RPM humming at 2000 revs/min
– offload unnecessary weight (hint the golf bag) from the boot

This will be a challenge for Daddy too, as everyone says he drives like a racer 🙂

Meanwhile, pop by Shell Fuelsave website for up to 14 tips to increase your fuel milage.
Tips for saving fuel

Are you ready to start your Shell Challenge?

More updates and videos will be made available from Shell media soon.
Do pop by Shell Fuelsave website for latest updates and tips, hashtag #shellfuelsavesg

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  1. This is some really good information about fuel cards. I liked what you said about how you should try to remove any extra weight from your car if you want it to be more fuel efficient. I am always trying to save gas so this does seem like a good thing for me to try out.

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