Shell’s Target One Million campaign

Target One Million is a Shell FuelSave campaign to help one million drivers across the world learn how to save fuel. Shell has developed a series of interactive, online mini-games for people to complete at The mini-games have been designed to show motorists how the right choice of fuel, like Shell FuelSave and a few simple changes to their driving habits can help save them fuel, and in doing so, reduce their fuel costs.

Shell did a research based on 500 drivers in Singapore, some of the key points are :
– 46% say they would be more active in saving fuel, if more information and tips are available
– 59% of drivers are not selecting a fuel that improves fuel-economy
– 85% of drivers will change the way they drive if they can save more money on fuel

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To quote from Shell
“Shell has over 100 years’ experience in helping the world’s motorists get more out of their fuel. The Shell FuelSave Target One Million campaign is the latest step in this journey and aims to educate and inspire one million motorists around the world in how to save fuel”
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Now for the good news, Shell FuelSave wants you to challenge your own fuel-saving skills, and they will reward you with $5 vouchers too. Do read the Terms and Conditions here. You can have up to 4 different email-registrations per IP address, ie you can get a maximum of four vouchers worth $5 each.
Dateline for contest will be 26Aug at 11:59PM.

As one of Shell Fuelsave’s selected bloggers, Daddy’s job is to help promote to more people.

Ready to start saving money? Follow the steps below. Login and Register a userID for yourself. 1. Go to

2. Fill up your particulars. Remember to enter B108 for Daddy’s unique code. Once userID creation is good, click “Login” to proceed

**B108 will be used to trace Daddy’s followers, please leave a comment when you have register under with B108, so that Daddy Andy can help shortlist you for more Shell giveaways. As more people join, Daddy will stand a higher chance to score the highest “points” and win $1000 voucher.

3. Click on “Start Shell FuelSave challenge”, we **strongly recommend you to go to workshop for more tips. Follow instructions in photo below.

4. Step (click) gently on right mouse key to “move the car”. Refer screenshot below.

5. Aim to complete four stages, without losing fuel or time (countdown).

*** Detail setup instructions are here.

In this first post, Daddy wants to help Shell to encourage drivers to improve their fuel economy, and hopefully win some vouchers along the way. In the next post, we will share how bigger fuel-vouchers awaits you 🙂

Stay tune. Drive safe.
Drive down to –> and start playing to get your $5 Shell vouchers 🙂

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