Our family’s First camping experience

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Our first camping experience. This is a dry run for many more camps to come πŸ™‚

I have a dream.
One day, I wish to bring the kids hiking (read our hiking journeys) followed by camping.
Imagine waking up in the forest, near to a valley or waterfall, watching the sun rise together.

Dreams start small, and when we saw White Sands’ Urban Camping invite, we quickly jump on the “urban” adventure. The itinerary sounds Fun!
White Sands - September Outdoor Fun

Camp site was next to White Sands at Pasir Ris, which easily accommodate 60 tents and above. This is not your usual campsite like Pasir Ris or East Coast πŸ™‚
Camp setup under the hot sun! Work faster and we can hide in the shade. We brought our own 8-men tent, which is slightly bigger than our neighbours’ haha.
setting up a camp

We will share our camping shopping list and recommendation in the next camping post (happening very soon!)

Last weekend’s Urban Camping package was $50, but first 50 signups got to bring back the 4-men tent worth $49.90 too.
We heard the package was sold out πŸ™‚
white sands Urban campers

Tent interior, ours is a 8-men tent from Winning (about $110). We got 3 airbeds, I was not prepared to sleep on the tent material and feel the mimosa underneath haha (unless I am in No4).

We would recommend a tarmac (the blue lining) as it provides another layer of protection for your soles, and against drizzles (or urine).
camping tips

Be Prepared, Scout’s motto. Not only camp fire, but character building, independence and more.
I tried to influence the kids to join the scouts, but they need more motivation.

The scouts were running around helping the campers setup their tents or start their BBQ fire. Thank you!
export 20160903 04 Pasir Ris Urban camping4

One of our first challenges was orienteering. We can navigate without a compass, seek out the scouts and shopping directory for the next clue, navigate White Sands Mall tenants to complete our puzzle.
export 20160903 04 Pasir Ris Urban camping3

This was a great opportunity for the kids to figure out the clues themselves, I just took photos :p
When we work as a team, nothing is impossible.
export 20160903 04 Pasir Ris Urban camping2

Never mind small or big fire, we learn how to use fire starter and charcoal. Scouts were on hand to help families πŸ™‚
export 20160903 04 Pasir Ris Urban camping8

Once kids know how to sustain the fire, they took turn to flip the food to prevent overcook.
We saw many families helping out with each other, sharing “charcoal” or even chairs and tables.
Strangers become friends, I love the community atmosphere πŸ™‚

Our dinner taste especially nice, knowing how much effort and smoke we had to endure haha.
export 20160903 04 Pasir Ris Urban camping7

Barbeque is fun, once the fire starts. Mommy and Boon Xin joined us halfway after their shopping trip πŸ™‚

Our BBQ dinner (fishball, crab, chicken wings etc) were all inclusive in the “Urban Camping” package (sponsored by Gurney Drive). What a steal!
export 20160903 04 Pasir Ris Urban camping5

Looks good right! Although we got some burn chicken wings and sausages, the overall experience was Fun and a good learning opportunity.
family bbq experience

Luckily, we did not send our ham, sausage and fishballs to the cook-off competition (another camping activity). Other teams got prawn and fish, too elaborate and delicious!
export 20160903 04 Pasir Ris Urban camping9

Looking at the crowd and enterprising families, I would say White Sands’ Urban Camping campaign was a roaring success!
export 20160903 04 Pasir Ris Urban camping6
white sands camping

(Last activity before we sleep)

Night walk to Pasir Ris Park (end point was supposed to be beach) but we had a quick detour and headed back. Too short, and too bright πŸ™‚
Perhaps the kids in our group are still too young.

You might notice that participants can park their cars next to the camp site, and we got to shower at Pasir Ris Sports Complex.
export 20160903 04 Pasir Ris Urban camping14

No stars, as Singapore is normally too bright (light pollution), but we play aeroplane chess and read some books. Light sleepers will have problem dozing off as campers sleep late, and we could still hear kids running around near 11pm.
white sands camping photos

The unseen volunteers and scouts. Thank you for making everything works! Many campers are first timers, your assistance helped us to settle down quickly. My kids are definitely keen to explore more campings in the future πŸ™‚
export 20160903 04 Pasir Ris Urban camping11

Good Morning, Starbucks and sandwiches await πŸ™‚
We woke up around 0630, clear our bladder and prepare to dismantle our tent.

This is too good to be true, I need to remind kids that real camping are more hands-on and need to spread our own kaya πŸ™‚

With this camping experience, we are ready to venture further.
3D2N might be a stretch, some will miss their smelly pillows, but I am confident there will be less resistance if I broach another Camping outing πŸ™‚

Thank you White Sands and Singapore Scouts for the fun event!
Families who are considering camping, but concerned about amenities would love Urban Camping’s concept (hey 7-11 is just 50m away hee hee).

Do look out for future holiday events from White Sands on their website.

We would recommend you to pop by “Tan Family Chronicles” camping post too. They inspired us to go camping and enjoy the great outdoors.

*More camping photos uploaded on our Fanpage album.

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