Rejuvenate your ride at EA Detailer

Remember that day when you pickup your ride? The shine, the smell the enthusiastic feeling of bringing our 小白 home 🙂

It was Deejavu again for me when my ride went through a grooming package with EA Detailer.


We humans need massage and face mask to keep ourselves rejuvenated, our cars can do with some pampering treatment too 🙂

In summary, this is some of the beauty package and servicing done on our ride at EA Detailer Bukit Timah.

-3 steps car polishing
-2 stage bioFumigation
-Ceraz Ceramic coating
-Crystgard Headlights
-Crystgard Doorcups

EA Detailer
EA Detailer

First task, the staff at EA Detailer will take photos of your car, and document any chips, scratches and conditions. This is standard protocol to ensure car would not be accidentally scratched.

Our Toyota Wish’s session was at Bukit Timah branch, and we trusted Victor, Michael and team’s professional care.


2nd task is to clear all accessories from our ride. Gosh, it was a good opportunity for spring cleaning. With so much stuff in my car, it is quite difficult to have a through scrub when we wiped the car ourselves.


2-stage bio-Fumigation

Snacks and drinks are the No1 bane for drivers. Yes, we sometimes impose no food and drinks rules in car, but kids will be hungry.

And their snacks will inevitably drop and feed cockroaches! We had spotted some nymphs before in our car and I was apprehensive that the fumigation service would flush out a colony of cockroaches.

Cockroaches are incredibly resistant, they have survived millions of years before us and will outlast humans. No wonder pandan leaves, air freshener and what-have-you cannot fully eradicate these “unwelcome pets”.

Spray and keep any pests locked and intoxicated inside the car cabin

The chemicals used for fumigation are less toxic for environment, Victor told us EA Detailer only use man-made pesticide, which are extracted from plant enzyme. This is an additional assurance for families.

While fumigation works its magic and numb the cockroaches, our car’s external body got a scrub and shampoo session.

3-steps car polishing

The 3 steps are foam wash, clay treatment and compound polishing (buffering).

Inside the cabin, EA Detailer staff use a hydro-extraction vacuum to suck out small particles. Our own vacuum cleaner will be less effective.


While the car is undergoing maintenance, customers can relax in EA Detailer’s office. Wifi is available.

The car interior gets a good scrub down too. This will ensure our car interior is properly conditioned. All surfaces are cleaned, including dashboard, console, carpet and even aircon vents.

We heard the disinfectant used is Medically Certified by SGH, and is proven to be of 99.98% effectiveness against HFMD.

Afterwards, leather seats are sanitised and given a protective coating.

EA Detailer used Tornado wash,  a kit which can apply “steam cleaning and wipe” to remove stubborn stains. Example milk spills or even vomit stains.

Those with kids will know how common it is for kids to vomit in car, and I have four babies before! It is very hard to reach in between the fabric gaps for a through scrub and cleansing.

EA Detailer spared no efforts to clean my car, inside and outside. This is a commitment from them, and a quality assurance for customers.

Ceraz Ceramic coating

With years of driving, and Singapore’s humid and sunny condition, our car might have small chips or resistant bird dropping stains.

Leave it to the claying process and buffer machines to smoothen the surface and return our car’s shine. Our car will undergo three layers of buffering, from coarse to fine.

No spot is left out during the cleaning process. Even the engine bay is given a wipe down.

Dedicated staffs ensure our car is given a proper grooming treatment.

Clay (picture below) is used to scrub away stubborn particles from our car. A layer of coating is also applied to protect the surface.

Every surface and groove is scrubbed. Even the four rims are given a new shine too, no more carbon coating.

Car is showered with tender loving care, you can expect your ride to be returned to showroom pristine condition.

Shine baby shine 🙂 

Crystgard Doorcups

Whenever we open our car doors, the portion under the handle might be scratched by our finger nails or rings.

I just found out that you can add a layer of “Crystgard” to minimised the scratches. This is an additional cosmetic feature provided by EA Detailer.


Crystgard Headlights

Using a paint protection film (PPF), we can actually give our car an additional layer of protecting. This would ensure the car surface and paint can better withstand the environment elements.

Just imagine applying a protection film to your mobile phone, EA Detailer’s offer PPF for headlights or if you wish, the whole car!

Each headlight might need 30 to 60 minutes per treatment.

Applying the paint protection film on the headlight is tough, as there are contours and round edges. EA Detailer has to painstakingly remove the bubbles and ensure the film is evenly layered on the car.

We drive to Malaysia frequently and insects always hit our cars on North South highway, PPF will make it easier to clean off the mess.

The film is transparent and will not affect the light dispersion coming out of headlight. We heard PPF can last at least 5 years with good maintenance.

I am one happy customer, our ride looks brand new! With one session at EA Detailer, years of accumulated dirt and stains had been removed, returning a shine.

We cannot wait to bring our car for more road trips.

(The other surprise was no cockroach was found in our car! but you can Google EA Detailer review about how nymphs are captured after the BioFumigation process)

We would like to thanks EA Detailer for restoring our car’s shine and polished look.  More importantly, I know the car interior is now cleaner (lesser pest and germs) which can only be more hygienic for my family.

You may find out more about EA Detailer’s packages on their Website and Facebook or Google Reviews.

Address : 130 Dunearn Road S309436
(inside Caltex Petrol station, there are 3 EA Detailers outlets in Singapore)

Contact : 6100 0323

*this is a sponsored post by EA Detailer.

How to prevent car theft in Malaysia?

How to prevent car theft in Malaysia? Is it even possible?
We will try to share some tips below.
How to prevent car theft in Malaysia

We love self-drive holidays in Malaysia. The freedom along the highway, the food, the scenic beach, hills and old rustic towns. The exchange rate is super attractive but not news about car jacking.

We shared some tips about driving in Malaysia (read article here), GPS Navigation, Tolls, and Safety.

Some tips and scenarios have not changed. Example :

1) Always Park Head in to discourage towing. Refer first photo above, add steering wheel lock (and pedal lock) and hope robber will find an easier target.

2) I am still trying to find a gear-shift lock. You cannot shift the gear, and like point 1 above, I hope it will deter a potential hijacker. But it seems this lock is only available in Malaysia as there is “no demand” in Singapore :p
car shift lock
(Image credit

3) I have recently added a kill switch (On/Off) for $60. If someone managed to go inside your car, he cannot start the ignition unless he knows the switch’s location.
car kill switch
(Email me for the workshop and contact, I know it works for Japanese/Korean makes, not too sure about continental. (Disclaimer : Car distributors might claim Kill-switch can void warranty)

4) In worse case, if car is towed away. You will make a police report, and “hope” some syndicate will return your car for a ransom. (This is hearsay, I cannot verify).

We can do tracing with GPS tracker app too.
– I am using Life360 app. This nifty app is compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones. Easy to setup, and it is FREE! Touch wood if car is stolen, app will guide you to the last known location of your car.

Just hide an old smartphone in your car, subscribe to a Malaysia data plan, and pray battery does not fade before your car is recovered. As a bonus, this app can trace your kids too.
GPS Life360 app
(I tried another app “GPS tracker” but it did not work on my spare Android)

4a) Updated 2020Jan. Google Map Location Sharing would provide real-time update. Just ensure you have a Malaysia data plan and mobile phone battery lasts long enough for you to trace.

Do not share your “location” with strangers!

Points 5 to 7 are more common sense. We sometimes like to broadcast our locations to the whole world.
I can never understand the rationale, why do we want to make it easier for crooks to locate and target us?

5) Displaying your bags in full view, or not locking your car doors. This smash and grab Youtube (link) shows how brazen and efficient the robbers can be!

5a) Invest in window film for your ride. If your window is smashed, we hope the film will allow the window to fall in one piece, and not break into smithereens. This will prevent cuts on passengers and make it easier to “clean” your car if you intend to drive to workshop for repairs. (if budget allows, go for IR and UV protection)

6) Cute family stickers, announcing your three generation family members and pets too. Kids and grandparents are easier targets (right?), rookie crooks might just be tempted to ambush the vulnerable car occupants.
car theft in Malaysia
(image credit Google search)

7) Share your location on all your social media network, Check-in, #Hashtags, Tag the resorts and what have you. We like to tell everyone on the WWW where we are, and make it easier for people to spot us.

We can always share our recommendations and locations 48 hours after checkout. Our friends would not mind #Latergram.
social media checkin

From Honda to Toyota to Continental cars, no brand is safe.
If it is any comfort, Proton is the number 1 target.

We should always remain vigilant when overseas (not only Malaysia), and try not to make the robbers’ job easier.

Back to our first question, How to prevent car theft in Malaysia?
Short of not driving into Malaysia, we can only deter the robbers by making our car a little bit harder to crack. If robbers are determined, nothing will stop him from getting away with your car.

For those first-timers driving into Malaysia, I have more driving tips here.
Do read our car dashcam Safevue review too, cheap and good.

Your family’s safety must always be the first priority.
If you have more tips to share, do let me know.