Ch8 Fresh Farmers 小农夫

Glorious farm and vast padi fields, did we mention the air seems fresher here? There are ponds for fish and prawns too. The families involved in Ch8’s 13-episodes Fresh Farmers(小农夫) were invited back for a get-together and preview.

Boon Kang and Joey “大家好” with the audience, the kids from each episode were tasked to introduce their own “adventure”. We did a brief introduction of Kahang Eco farm (Koref) in another blog post.

The kids involved in Fresh Farmers. Most of us have never been to a farm before, much less toiled in one! So imagine the laughter and surprises when we got our hands dirty. The earthworms, the kids’ innocence and not all are keen to get their hands dirty (Some got to clean horse poo too!). Audience were laughing at ourselves during the preview.

Such fond memories!
ch8 Fresh Farmers episodes
(Note : Above schedule has been delayed one week)

Ah Ben and the families from Kahang Eco Farm, catch us on episode 7 (23Aug) and 10 (13Sep) 10am. Joey and Daddy Isaiah from (Jbabies Dad)

The crew, especially Peggy and Keat were a great help. Besides their own busy schedule and load, they still have to look after our needs. 谢谢!

Appreciate the hardworking background crew too. Soundman, videoman always take the lead and wade deep into muddy zones. Their work ethics are highly professional and commendable.
Fresh Farmers Kahang Eco Farm

Billiard in a farm, and motorcycle ride! Not part of the video production, but it showcase how we can find FUN anywhere!
20150628 Fresh Farmers wrap2

Catch us toiling and making fun in the padi field! It is hard work to slog under the sun.
Through Fresh Farmers, we hope the kids will better appreciate where their rice and crops come from.
Perhaps more will treasure their meals, and not waste food.

*the first episode should have been 05July (today), but has been postponed one week
** we will try to share more farm-actions nearer to our episodes
*** Read more about farm stay here

**** Updated 2017Jun – Toggle Ch8 video link, we are Season 1 Episode 10

Chingay 2013 Warms our Heart

By the time you read this post, Chingay 2013‘s second night would be in progress, and Daddy can imagine the crowd shouting themselves hoarse. Besides the special effects, gadgets, and costumes, do you know what is Daddy’s favourite segment?

Daddy loves the cooking segment, the cooking Uncles and Aunties literally Rocks with their wok of goodness !

Daddy had the opportunity to attend two of Chingay 2013’s media-invites. Both previews are very different in terms of presentation and atmosphere. The First preview pumped up with energy, with Zumba vibes electrifying the whole conference room.

The Second preview was more subtle, but no less Impactful. Our “Heroes” (Resilient Singaporeans 生命勇士) would be among the thousand who will be appearing in the finale holding their fire torches (in the Snow), symbolising Life-must-go-On!

Everyone of them, had been through a tough journey, be it disaster, illness or disability. None of them wish to Give up! Just to highlight a few Heroes, Mr Zeng is a Jakarta Marriott bomb survivor, Maximillian and Gemma is part of London Olympics’ Equestrian team.

Together, 生命勇士 (Heroes) show us how to be Brave and conquer our own struggles.

Chingay is all inclusive, anyone, anybody can always be part of the performance.

Fire in Snow(雪中火) is the theme for Chingay 2013.
With all the flames surrounding us, together with the crowd and participants’ enthusiasm, we can certainly feel the warmth 🙂

..even when the “Snow” fell, the experience is superb as everyone sings to the tune of
雪中火 (Fire in Snow).

You can trust Marina Bay’s amBAYssadors to bring you all the Fun and Excitement of Chingay 2013 ! We love it too.

Experience Chingay fun, from left, Darren, Andy(Daddy), Kevin, Jerome, and Edmund. (Kelvin and Marcellus are not in photo)

(group photo courtesy from Darren Chin Photography)

There is a replay on Sunday 24Feb at 8pm, let us show you what to expect for Chingay 2013 🙂

Traditional Operas (Yang warriors) and Phamtom of the Operas take turn to thrill the audience.

Send in the mystical creatures who can spit fire or sparklers ! The Centipede must be one of the Highlights. LOUD Firecrackers will accompany some of the performers.

China, Malaysia and Japan are some of the oversea contingents.

Explosion of colours and music will immerse audience for two hours. All Races, Religions and Faiths come together. We have Indian girls role-playing Chinese-folk-fairies, and Chinese gals dancing to Bollywood hip hop, Multiracial Singapore 🙂

Additional snapshots

Splendid display, sniff in the aroma. These cooks are in their elements, entertaining !

Chingay is very much an Asian Musical, some other notable musical performances :
– Theme song for Chingay 2013 雪中火 (Fire in Snow)
– Billy Wang and Taiwanese artists singing 让爱动起来
– Ukulele performing Top of the World

Video : Do not worry if it rains, just don your raincoat, the show will go on ! These performers were caught in heavy downpour but they were smiling throughout 🙂

Video 2 : More contigents + the finale Snow !

We wish Chingay 2013 all the best !

– More Chingay photos on SengkangBabies fanpage
– We were honoured to witness Queenstown Cantonese Opera‘s Chingay pre-parade preparation
2012’s Water Chingay is Fun too