Singtel’s “Home without Walls” scrapbook

Singtel’s Home Without Wall contest ended in Aug. The photo contest’s objective was to showcase families bonding together, Danny Santos II took some beautiful photos of our family back in May 🙂

To continue to bring families closer, Singtel just launch an online scrapbook. We will be adding SengkangBabies‘ timeline soon, just like a digital album (montage).

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The themes for this Scrapbook Contest are:
i. Father figure
ii. Grand for a reason
iii. Just kidding
iv. Mum’s the word

Participants must submit entries that represent or capture family moments based on the above themes.
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To encourage more families to share their memories, the Top Ten scrapbooks will get their memories printed 🙂

Are you ready to design your Family album ?
1. Start from this page –>
2. You will need to add this app to your Facebook account.

3. Before you do anything, we recommend you to click “How to use” for tips first.

4. Choose your Cover (Theme), add your photos.

5. Pick and drag a template (Page Layout) to decide how the photos will be framed.
(every page can have a different template).

6. Simply Drag the photos into the page layout. Drag the stickers to customise your page.

** If you are lost by now, maybe you should go back to Step 3 🙂

7. Remember to save your scrapbook (Click QUIT), so that you can carry on later.
Photo selection is very time consuming, but Singtel gives you up to 44 pages for your scrapbook 🙂

8. In case you need creative inspirations, do pop by other scrapbook submissions, otherwise, you can always click on (EDIT your Scrapbook).

9. Once you are happy with your family scrapbook, (Click DONE) to summit.
The top Ten scrapbooks will get a free hardcopy printout 🙂

10. ** Dateline for scrapbook submission is 23Oct

Tips :
For a better experience, ask the kids to help you select the photos. It will be a trip down memory lane for everyone. Kids will be asking questions like :

Q: Why Daddy Mummy go Holiday never bring us along?
A: Because you still in Mummy’s tummy.

** Please click for Singtel “Home without Walls” Scrapbook contest T&C

Our love story with a little truck

**This is not an advertorial for LittleTikes**

Six years ago, Daddy carted a LittleTikes 3-in-1 truck all the way from New York.
He was impressed by the six wheelers, and thought the boys would love it too.

This truck can “transform” into three modes :
– become a ride
– pushed from behind or
– pulled from the front

It caters to a child’s different growing up phases.
This truck endears itself to our kids, even our girl is mesmerised.

Boon Wee and Boon Kang were the first two to fall in love with our truck.

With wear and tear (and sometimes Driftings or Bumper-car modes !), we witness the truck’s wheels dropping off one by one. That could also explain why our toys often breakdown earlier than their expected life expectancy :p

… but kids will still pluck in the wheels and roll along. Daddy is very impressed with LitleTikes’ quality products.

So much loving memories, our kids literally grow up with cars and trucks.
We will definitely miss this truck when it ends up at the scrapyard.

Even when new toys came along, kids still prefer their first love, their lorry.

Do you have any toys which bring back fond memories for your kids?
More photos of kids posing with their truck can be found at our fanpage.

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