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The past week was a series of Ups and Downs, not the STI (stocks) but the PSI (Pollutants Standards Index). Fortunately, the weekends provided some respite, and we could enjoy some blue skies !

We are mentally prepared that the haze will come back again, it is just a matter of time and wind direction. Read our kids’ interpretation about the haze.

Now for some good news. White as Milk (WAM) would like to bring some cheers to parents out there 🙂

To quote from WAM :
“White As Milk was born from the true experience of a father, Guillaume, who would rather enjoy spending time with his children than queuing at the supermarket. White As Milk offers a monthly recurring service to eliminate the hassle of going to the store. Because we know firsthand that having a family in Singapore is expensive, White As Milk wants to offer the lowest prices to its subscription customers and free delivery”

WAM works on a subscription basis. Besides carrying Diaper and Milk formulas, the team also offer “Staff pick” goodies for your kids.

For this week, WAM has two $20 vouchers giveaway for SengkangBabies’ fans.

Contest requirements :
1- please LIKE SengkangBabies and WhiteAsMilk fanpage
2- subscribe to WAM’s newsletter (right column at http://www.whiteasmilk.com)

3. Leave your Facebook name and email on our Fanpage.

4- Voucher giveaway ends 29th (Sat) Jun at 11pm, and winners will be randomly selected

* For this giveaway, $20 voucher can only pick items from “Staff pick selections“. We hope future contest will allow winners to pick from Diaper and Milk section too 🙂

Good luck, and we hope for more SUNNY days ahead !

*image credits
All image above are from WAM website

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