Climate SOS – showcasing impacts from Climate Change

Talk about Norway and Northern Lights (Aurora) comes to mind. But “Climate S.O.S: Season of Sustainability” brought awareness to another aspect of Norway (and Polar Arctic).

The Svalbard research site is actually at the forefront of climate change. Their scientists are tracking first-hand how global warming is affecting the globe.

Running for one month at ArtScience Museum, this free exhibition aims to raise awareness about impacts of Climate Change, and how we can each do our part.

It is here at the arctic, that the effects of Climate Change are fastest and more visible. Before and after photos (below) show how glaciers have shrunk and retreated!

Visitors will view a documentary “Arctic awakening”.

Visitors learne about Atlantification. Basically, no ice is forming since the waters are too “warm”. And poor Polar Bears need to track further to catch their seals!

If that is not enough, human produce found their way into remote islands. Ensnaring reindeers and other local animals.

Norway (or Arctic) might be far away, but Climate Change impacts are already on our shores.

We have already witness the side effects of climate change and how human activities are damaging our environment.

Growing amount of waste will fill Pulau Semakau to the brim soon.
Food wastage always appear in the headlines.
Ridiculous aircon temperatures in buildings.

Reports indicate that once-every-100-years flooding will become an annual event in 2050! and we are not talking about Orchard ponding incidences.

PM Lee is talking about polders as buffer to keep raising seawater away from low-lying areas.

Water and Food shortage, micro-plastic in marine life, and “plastic islands” in the oceans!

I had visited the exhibition on Children’s Day. Poignant thought that my kids and grand-kids will inherit a different planet.

All these changes are happening in our generation. Below poster showcase 10 steps how each of us might be able to help.

Every little step towards conservation counts!

Can we do more to save our Planet?

We might only know the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), bring the kids to learn about how we can protect our environment.

Climate S.O.S: Season of Sustainability will run at ArtScience Museum from now till 03 Nov. Entry is free.

Visitors can enjoy: (VR experience submerged in plastic underwater) Help the marine creatures!

-Documentary ‘Arctic awakening’
Quote from ArtScience Museum “The showcase explores
humanity’s relationship with our planet, outlines the challenges in our current global patterns of consumption and production, and provokes answers to this one central question: How can we change the course of humanity?”

Image credit ArtScience Museum


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