NDP 2014 rehearsal

We spent nearly 11 hours at Ndp 2014’s first full rehearsal on Sat!
** read the full NDP 2014 review at this link **

Daddy still cannot believe how we survived the onslaught of activities.


Early in the morning, and for those above 1.5m, we were dispatched on Singapore Navy’s RHIB! We went FIVE rounds over 90min! That was enough to make every adrenaline junkie happy.

Video : RHIB thrills and spills on GoPro (WET experience!)

We had an exclusive tour of SAF and Home Team’s assets, and Boon Kang wants to join the Special Tactics police. He says it is cool to stand outside the moving SUV 🙂

We will reveal more after the media embargo expires on Wed 🙂
But can you guess why Terrex is the most popular vehicle? (hint hot weather)

Milo van was always a welcome sight, due to the hot and humid weather.

Tickets for six please 🙂
The sky threatens to rain a few times, but otherwise all of us enjoy NDP 2014 !

More details and photos will be shared next week.
This is part 2 of Mindef’s NDP bloggers invitation, part 1 is about 149 Squadron’s F15SG flypast!

NDP 2013 NE3 experience

– if you are looking for cheap carpark, try Suntec and Ritz Carlton (weekend $1.10 per hour)
– We do hope more people will enjoy NDP 2014 at Marina Bay Floating Platform as this might be the last year
– we are unsuccessful in balloting for NDP tickets for the sixth time (hope 2015 and 2016) will have better chance

** the full blog post is at this link

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