Tour Afghanistan in the heartlands

We blog about Operation Blue Ridge earlier. This is SAF’s six years deployment to Afghanistan. 500 soldiers, 5000km away from Singapore.

We pop by Toa Payoh two Sundays ago, to understand how SAF is keeping Singapore safe, from so far away.

The heartland exhibitions will showcase SAF’s contributions towards rebuilding Afghanistan. However, Daddy guess correctly that the kids would be more interested in posing with the vehicles..

.. and desert fatigues.

Kids can even control the Arthur system to detect and destroy incoming missiles too.

Anybody game to stop arterial bleeding? The mannequin is squirting blood !

The Hercules should attract everyone. Buckle your seat belt and imagine the Hercules rolling down the tarmac.

Take the opportunity to tell our kids Singapore is very fortunate. No war, no conflicts.
We only complain about PSLE and Politics :p

More fun photos can be found on our Fanpage.

Afghanistan is going to Chua Chu Kang next, 07 & 08 Sep 2013.
(Open space opposite McDonalds & MRT exit at Lot 1 shopping mall)

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