What we like about Singapore Night Festival 2016

This is the last night for Singapore Night Festival 2016. In case you are looking for some Fun and happening activities for the family tonight, we have listed our favourite activities below (from last week).

Let us hope the Haze will fade away this evening.
Singapore Night Festival

Video (link) : Night animations and buzz around Singapore Night Festival 2016

National Museum, I would prefer the light show at SAM (Singapore Art Museum)

SAM lightings are more attractive, we see forest, aquariums etc πŸ™‚
20160820 Night Festival

But the most happening buzz should be along Armenian street, which is closed to traffic on Friday and Sat during SG Night Festival.

Drums and percussion (Street Beats) literally jazz up the street, so much energy and showmanship. If you miss their performance, just walk ahead and wait for the members to catch up πŸ™‚
20160820 Night Festival2

We saw light sabres in the crowd too haha πŸ™‚
20160820 Night Festival1

Parkour anyone? Outside Peranakan Museum.
20160820 Night Festival3

All the museums nearby are opened to the public (except SAM). We decided to visit the stamps at Philatelic Museum.
20160820 Night Festival4

Besides understanding Singapore’s history and heritage through stamps, you can follow one of Shakesphere’s act too.
20160820 Night Festival5

Year of the Monkey, you see “them” everywhere in the museum πŸ™‚
Singapore Philatelic Museum

Lots of interactions and photo opportunities for the whole family.
20160820 Night Festival7

20160820 Night Festival8

Even the loos are Bart adorable.
20160820 Night Festival9

We end the evening with some refreshing dessert at Rochor Original Bean curd (2 Short St, S188211).
Rochor original Beancurd

More details (and showtime) about Night Festival can be found on their website -> http://nightfest.sg and Fanpage. Most of the activities are free (including Museums entries)

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