Hey Baby

Hey Baby, have you seen the babies clip yesterday? There is a Mum and Dad’s version, both are sweet and conjure up so many memories.

Oh, and the Baby in HeyBaby can refer to your darling Spouse or the Baby,
up to you to interpret 🙂

Our Babies have all grown up, but every time we see this type of videos, the feel-good feelings surface again. That could be Daddy struggling with the milk bottle, or Mummy fumbling with the diaper change etc etc.

Maybe some might be tempted to try for another bundle of joy?

SengkangBabies’ Mummy and Daddy have enough bundles, we are happy with our brood of four, and we do not mind hijacking others’ babies :p

Watch the video clips with the kids, capture their expressions. Let the questions flow, hug the spouse. Daddy has seen the videos beforehand, everything sounds better (literally) when you catch the version with narration (coming soon).

** More info on HeyBaby SG’s Website and Fanpage.
You are welcome to summit your own memorable parenting story too.

Children makes our life a full circle, they let us have a mission in life.
Sounds cliche, but that is how we feel about our Babies 🙂

By the way, kids are always useful around the house :
washing our car
Thai massage

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I am a Blogging Daddy of four. Our kids are roaming Singapore to bring you FUN, This blog is use to capture our kids' growing up phases, and we want you to leave our blog with a smile :) View all posts by SengkangBabies

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