Candy Empire cookies indulgence

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We found a giant Chupa Chups Lollipop at Candy Empire, and Daddy just need someone to act bewildered with the Giant Lollipop.

That Giant lollipop very much sum up our Fun “Candy Empire Sunday Brunch” πŸ™‚
kids Chupa Chup lollipop

When we mention Candy Empire, kids will only pick “Candy”, or “Chocolates” or “Lollipops”. It was very tough for us to resist Candy Empire sweet invitation to their Sunday Spread, an event exclusively for members.

Look at the tantalising platters of cookies, wafers, and chocolates.
Where should we start?
Cookies and candy buffet

On top of delicious pastries, kids even got to design their own gourmet cookies.
With the help of our friendly 姐姐 (sisters), we crafted some cookie faces, colourful bean jelly for the nose, Nutella for the eyebrow.

Kids exercise their own creativity. The cookies are so tempting that they are not waiting for Daddy to snap some photos first πŸ™

Eat, craft, eat, design, eat eat and more delicious cookies await us.
Most of the time, kids were busy crafting and munching at the same time.

Our own gourmet cookies design.

Our Sunday spread consists of Ovaltine and Speculoos, both complements well with apples and bananas.

Nutella too, everyone is spoilt for choice!

Not contented with the delicious cookies and pastries, kids decided to monopolise the whole Stall ! The organiser was kept busy slicing the apple and bananas for the hungry kids audience.

Happy customers.

On Sunday Spread days, members are entitled to a 20% discount storewide, Mummy is happy to fulfill the kiddo’s orders.

Video : More cookies seduction πŸ™‚

Durian or Angry birds anyone?

Did you know Candy Empire’s best seller is Ovaltine? In Switzerland, Ovaltine is known as Ovomaltine. Each customer is subject to a maximum of 6 bottles.

To quote from Candy Empire :
As our best-selling product, Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream is a thick, creamy chocolate spread mixed with Ovomaltine granules, giving it an absolutely divine crunchy texture. Besides being a scrumptious spread, you’ll be glad to know that its nutritious mixture contains a variety of up to 11 vitamins and high levels of minerals like magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. If you face the problem of picky children at the breakfast table, the combination of a creamy taste and high nutrition value of the Ovomaltine spread can be your easy solution.

Ovaltine and Speculoos might be a good substitute compared to the usual “candy and chocolate” souvenirs.

The happiest customer must be Boon Xin, she hauled back one month’s worth of Sweet supply πŸ™‚

Thank You Candy Empire for the Fun and Delicious Sunday Spread.

This might be one of the rare occasion when Daddy allowed cookies before dinner :p
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Search for more sweet offerings from Candy Empire on their Website and Fanpage. To learn more about cookies and candies, do pop by

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