Celebrating Children’s Day with diy Ricciotti Pizza

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Our kids love pizza.
When Ricciotti invited us to their “Piccolo Chefs” pizza making class, we could not reject the invitation.

It should be a nice experience to make our own dough and bake our own pizza. To cut a long story short, over one hour and with a few steps, we get to enjoy our delicious pizzas.

1) Making dough, just add floor and roll it flat.

2) Add tomato to the dough

3) Sprinkle more cheese please, then baking starts.

4) After 10 minutes, we could smell the aromatic Pizzas from the ovens.

Enjoying our fruit of labour, and our pizza taste great too!

Congratulations to Boon Yee and Boon Xin, they (and every kids) present got a certificate too. This mean their “food” is safe to consume :p

While kids are busy at work (or messing around), parents are busy taking photos, marveling at our kids culinary traits.

Cheeky Boon Xin taking a peep, before proceeding to play with her dough. She is not following Chef Gero’s instructions!

They sure know how to have Fun!

When the Chef turns his back around, the siblings started throwing flour at each other’s dough!

Ricciotti pizza class

While waiting for their pizzas to be ready, everyone line up orderly to receive their balloons.

Daddy is not the only proud parent who gobbled down the tasty pizzas on Children’s Day. We are all proud of our kids’ achievements, and our own DIY pizza still taste the best πŸ™‚

Thank you Ricciotti and Chef Gero for inviting us to Piccolo Chefs pizza making class.

On our way back, the fun loving kids hope onto a Tuk Tuk.

Do pop by Ricciotti Website and Fanpage for latest updates.

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