Emicakes Durian cakes for Mother’s Day

Looking for sumptuous surprise for Mother’s Day? Emicakes Durian cakes will delight everyone.

Not any Durian cakes , but the “Tok Kong” range hee hee. For non-Singaporeans, Tok Kong means “Stunning”, “The best”, “Marvelous” (you get the idea).

Emicakes Durian cakes
Emicakes Durian cakes

Emicakes Durian cakes has two limited edition designs.

Tok Kong D24
Tok Kong Mao Shan Wang (MSW)

These two cakes got special design. Apologies if our photos does not showcase the cake prominently. Do look at Emicakes’ video.

One layer Durian, one layer chiffon. 100% Durian flesh.
Yummy treat for the whole family.

Mom has been working hard for the family. She is the bedrock for our home. We would strongly recommend the MSW variant.

Mom deserves the best 🙂

Thank you Emicakes for the love.
Do order your cakes now and enjoy a 20% discount.

For more cake designs and promotions, do follow Emicakes on their
Website, Instagram and Fanpage.

ps.. Our cakes are complimentary from Emicakes.

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