My Briyani House review

The Prime Ministers of Singapore and Malaysia have recently lavished praises on “My Briyani House”. Their signature dish is the Chicken Briyani.

But the surprise dish could be Boon Kang’s Nasi Goreng. We love the soft yet slightly sticky rice, and the chicken pieces are succulent finger licking good. Beware, it is slightly spicy too, with the aroma (reminds us of tandoori chicken but less burned) filling up your mouth (rated 3.5/5).

“My Briyani House” is located at the new Stadium (SportsHub).

This is our sumptuous lunch. Try the Roti Prata too, crunchy and crispy (3.5/5).
Roti Prata my briyani house

Although the prices is slightly higher, the portion is generous.

Roti John with Chicken Floss (3.5/5). Daddy still prefers the original Roti John, but kids love the floss.
Roti John

Nasi Briyani (4/5) comes in three flavours, Chicken, Mutton and Fish. We order the most popular Chicken Briyani. It does not disappoint, fragrant rice, juicy chicken, and we love the gravy!
my briyani house

We enjoy our meal at “My Briyani House”, and we will recommend their Bandung drink (rose syrup) and kopi-tarik too. The damage.

“My Briyani House” is located at Kallang Wave Mall #01-21 (S397628). Click Sportshub’s link for various mode of transport.

Shoik and satisfying is how we describe our Briyani experience.
To truly enjoy Nasi Briyani, dig in with your right hand 🙂

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