Reunion dinner and Yu Sheng

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We love Fish & Co’s platter meals. There is always something to make someone happy.
But we did not know about their Yu Sheng.

It should be good, since Boon Xin is pinching away at the crackers while everyone pose for camera.

When we were offered Fish & Co’s Platter of Wealth Yusheng, we took the bundle home for our Reunion dinner. At $34.80++, Fish & Co’s Yu Sheng comes with a generous 18 slices of Norwegian Sashimi Grade Salmon.

Yu Sheng can feed 8 to 10, and if this is still not enough, add $8.80 to double your Salmon portion πŸ™‚

In our home, we have to ζ’ˆι±Όη”Ÿ (Lao Yu Sheng) quick, otherwise we will not have any crackers left for tossing. The kids are always pinching at the crackers!

Nai Nai’s opening ceremony, peppered with Auspicious tidings πŸ™‚
ι»„ι‡‘ζ»‘εœ°, ε―Œθ΄΅θŠ±εΌ€, 身体ε₯εΊ·!

We shall let you have one more glimpse of the pretty Yu Sheng, before we start “fishing” ! Hurry, last order will be on 14th Feb (Valentine’s day)
Yu Sheng
(image credit Fish & Co)

Never mind if we cannot remember all the auspicious words. We just wish each other Best of Health πŸ™‚

Actually the kids were waiting to “mess” the plate of Yu Sheng !
To them, tossing of Yu Sheng is something Fun.

And Daddy will keep reminding them not to SPILL the Salmon overboard!

Our sumptuous Reunion Dinner, thank you Nai Nai πŸ™‚
Family dishes for CNY

Video : ζ’ˆι±Όη”Ÿ (Lao Yu Sheng)

Thank you Fish & Co for the delicious Yu Sheng, we regret not ordering extra salmon, as 18 pieces is not really enough for our family πŸ™‚

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