Swensen’s Mom-ents cake

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We knew Swensen’s Mother’s Day cake (Mom-ents) will be special. Love the stunning red hue and the cool vanilla interior. Can you spot the string of necklace?
Swensen's Mother Day cake

Love the flower bed (fondant flowers and marbled white chocolate) decoration, and loving Red-Heart shape, Mums should be impressed.

Yummy vanilla Ice-cream entwined with layers of moist, fluffy texture of Red Velvet Sponge Cake.

Ice Cream cake never fail to make our kids go “WoW!”, as they can play with the dry ice after the cake feast. Click for some dry ice fun.

With Swensen’s Mom-ents cake, everyone will get a red lipstick too.

Keep Calm and ♥ Mother’s Day with Swensen’s. Mom-ents cake is retailing at $49.
(15% off for members, and while stocks last).

Pop by Swensen’s Website and Fanpage for latest Swensen’s cakes promotions.

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