Treats from Durian Bakery

We had an opportunity to enjoy treats from Durian Bakery recently, mostly their famous Mao Shan Wang (MSW, 猫山王) creations.

Durian lovers can reference positive reviews about Durian Bakery from their website, Facebook and Google Map.

Durian Bakery specialised in durian themed pastries, and we were not disappointed. Some of their Durian creations!

Durian cakes galore!

We were sold with the first mouth of cream puff (giant Puff) and MSW cake! Every piece of pastry is handcrafted with love by durian artisans.

If you wish to impress your guests in a party, we would recommend luxurious Signature Durian Dessert Box ($75) from Durian Bakery website.

The box offers selection of Snowy Mochis, Giant Puffs and MSW Mousse.
You would be spoilt for choice.

Durian Bakery’s giant puffs offer generous overflowing durian puree.  It pairs well with the chill puff texture.

It is supposed to be “giant”, but I still prefer smaller bite-size puffs, so that I can eat more 🙂

Next up in our surprise box is Chocolate Musang King Mousse. Peel under the dark chocolate texture to reveal MSW bitterness and sweetness underneath.

Mochi is my favourite. Just pop inside your mouth and let the durian flavour burst out! Loves the novelty of mochi durian.

Do take note mochi fillings are D24. All pastries at Durian Bakery are freshly baked, and contains no preservative.

Introducing Classic Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake 6″ ($68). This must be the durian main course and it happens to be one of the most popular items at Durian Bakery.

You will taste the signature MSW rich bitter and lightly sweet after taste. We can enjoy Durian freshness from the “golden” core.

Tantalising, slice after slice.
Just look at the fluffy vanilla sponge.

Kids who do not savour their durian can have the sponge, while adults cream off the Mao Shan Wang goodness!

Treats from Durian Bakery
Treats from Durian Bakery

We would like to thank Durian Bakery for the generous treats. Our family love the durian assortment.

You may order the cakes online too. Do take note of delivery hours and terms. Self collection or 2-hours delivery (fees and terms apply) option are  available too. Do pop by their website for latest updates.

Keen to find out what else is available from Durian Bakery? Do visit their Facebook and Website for your next Durian party.


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