We love Kellogg’s !

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We truly believe that a great breakfast defines how our day starts.

Kellogg gave us more than one choice of cereals to start our day.

Kids are growing up fast and are hungry all the time. Kellogg’s cereal products always make the kids happy.

We love the 3-in-1 fun pack. Ideal for our outdoor activities.

Boon Xin loves everything chocolaty. Coco Balls offers a crunchy breakfast that contains iron.

Actually, kids need not fret about picking their best cereal. We can always mix and match the cereals. Every packet of Kellogg comes packed with Nutrition.

Our Coco balls or Frostie can be eaten on it’s own…

.. or if you prefer, Boon Yee can pour you some milk.

Watching the kids enjoying their Kellogg cereal, Daddy just had to gatecrash their breakfast.

Every packet of Kellogg comes with some simple games. We recycle one of the Coco balls into a soccer ball 🙂

Boon Yee loves the crunchiness of Frosties. A Gr-r-reat start to the day, frosted flakes of corn provide energy and nutrients for our kids.

Thank you Kellogg for bringing Nutrition and Fun into our breakfast 🙂

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