Easter Eggs anyone, or Sakura?

Are you looking forward to the long weekend?
Christians are celebrating Easter, but malls and venues are rolling out Easter Eggs hunt.

Last Sat, we were invited to Universal Studios (USS)’s egg hunt, and kids realised very quickly that their baskets are not big enough.
Easter Egg activities
Pop by our Fanpage album for the photos or our Egg hunt experience. More details here.

Gardens by the Bay – Tulips and Miffy too!
Easter Egg Gardens by the Bay
Miffy will join you to hunt for Easter eggs on 20th Apr. Boon Xin loves Miffy. More details here.

Jurong Bird Park, kids enjoy 50% discount from 18-20Apr, enjoy park-excursion with celebrities too (Bryan Wong, Flying Dutchman)

Checkout our cute Lory feeding sessions. More details here.

Explorer Kids

More details here.

Earth Day Nparks, not necessary Easter Eggs, but you can expect nature trails, explorations, heron watch and story telling!

(image credit Jason Goh Nparks Fanpage)

Above Sakura MRT image has nothing to do with Earth day, but we just love the colourful explosion of colours! Need more Sakura blooms? More Earth Day details here.

Sentosa Harbour Front (there are more than one Easter eggs hunt activities on Sentosa)

More details here.

Snigglehunt at Forest Adventure

Our kids love climbing the trees!
More details here.

Kids are really spoilt for choice when it comes to Easter activities, however Daddy thought this event might have become too commercialised.

Have a great week ahead 🙂

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