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Boon Xin found out the easiest way to catch guppies, simply scoop from her brother’s fish tanks!

The poster at ORTO is misleading, our own nets are so small :p
At $12 per pax, it is expensive, especially when I told them we are not bringing any fishes home. For those bringing the guppies home, operator will air-fill a plastic bag.

We did notice the fishes in the pond are generally tired and easy to catch, they have been chased by countless kids since the morning.

We saw this Longkang fish facility when we went jumping at Katapult (review here). All concrete, but families were packing the waterway and scooping up guppies. Initially, our p6 boy was saying it was so childish but he could not resist joining in the fun!

Nevertheless, I need to keep reminding the kids that we we not bringing any pails, net, or fishes home! Pets and plants do not stay long in our home, the real reason is kids get lazy after the novelty and outsource feeding/cleaning of pets to parents!

We spent a good 90 minutes catching Long Kang fishes. But I need them to release all our catch before we headed home
kids longkang fish

Video : I show them how the older generation caught guppies without nets, by sweeping your feet (李三腳) !

I want to bring the kids to some old school canals and show them the “original” longkang fishing. There is a picture of the concrete canal at this link.

These canals are designed to channel excess water from torrential downpours into our reservoirs. Water can raise very fast during a thunderstorm. Safety points for Concrete Canal:
– remind kids not to go down on their own
– no running as it can be slippery due to moss
– do not venture far from the stairway, in case we need to evacuate
– listen for alarms (or is it aihorn) sounding, as that may indicate water is released from upstream dam

The above longkang fishing is at Orto (previous Bottle Tree). We will recommend Katapult Trampoline Park too. Meanwhile, do pop by our previous Longkang experience at Bishan Park.

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