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Masked, hands on shoulders, we were lead into a room. We can hear each other whispering, as the room gets darker, our breathes are full of anticipation. THEN, we heard the heavy metal door “chunk” behind us.

Welcome to Alcatraz! We have been split into three cells. Daddy loves Prison Break but it still feels unreal to be imprisoned.

To quote from Lost SG :
Launched in November 2014, LOST SG is the Singapore branch of LOST HK, the top rated Escape Room in Hong Kong. LOST SG is also the first outlet to have opened outside Hong Kong, the first ever in Southeast Asia.

5 different themes with different difficulty levels, some are more scary and haunted. Although there are no popup horrors, your brain cells (and patience) will be stretched to solve the clues.

Alcatraz Prison (island) for us, you may read more about this infamous prison from tripadvisor! Yes, it is now a tourist hotspot.

Fellow cell mates must work together to find clues and solve puzzles in order to breakout from their cell and prison. We do not have the prison blueprint, we only have Alcatraz Helpdesk (press the buzzer).

Lost SG crew will provide hints when players are stuck or desperate.

Wall of fame or shame, you have been warned. These are the only tips we can share if you wish to escape from Alcatraz island:

1) Learn to add (without calculators)
2) Find a teammate who is good at comprehension :p

Most importantly, we had FUN along the way. Well, it might get more stressful after getting stuck for 15 minutes, and with restless kids chanting “Can we call Helpdesk now!”

(image from our fellow cell mates Cheekiemonkie)

Although we did not solve the clue to breakout before countdown, Boon Kang did learn a new word “Chiobu” wahaha.

For more Lost SG review and updates, do pop by their Website, Fanpage or Instagram. LOST SG is also ideal for corporate events as it promotes team building.

Address :
Peace Centre
1 Sophia Road, #03-01/02/03
Singapore 228149
(Above Korean BBQ, access from stairs)

Entry Fees :
(Off Peak) Weekdays:
11am – 5:45pm

(Peak) Weekends, Eve of Public Holidays & PH
Weekdays: From 6pm onwards

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