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A few Saturdays ago, Wei and Kang were invited to putt at My Golf Kaki Academy. Daddy thought this was a good experience, after all, he only know a little bit about “birdie”, and we met Tiger Woods in Hong Kong.

Daddy is a greenhorn when it comes to the gentleman’s game.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, Boon Kang mimic driving the buggy.

Our pro (coach) Gabriel and Jay show us the correct grip and posture for the swing. We need to build a solid foundation before we can tee off effectively.

We told our Pro that the nearest we got to a golf course was on Nintendo Wii’s PGA tour. The online version did not have so many rules and regulations 🙂

With Practice comes perfection. Although we are not hitting the bull’s eye yet, slowly but surely, we pick up momentum and technique.

Brothers learn that Golf can impart positive traits like Discipline, Determination, Focus, and Perseverance. Tiger Woods started his golf career from 3 years old !

Daddy joined in for some fun too.

For the next stage, we pop by a mini field to learn about putting and chipping.

Kids must remember to use less force (no longer Full Swing), just aim for the hole and lightly tap.

It looks easy when we see the pros in action, effortless chip, roll, and goal. Somehow, the slope and gravity are against us. Despite the warm humid atmosphere, we rally each other on.

Our first time stepping on Tanglin Public Golf Course. The first hole is 96m away, kids are tired already ooops.

Thank you My Golf Kaki Academy for the invite, we had a fun afternoon with our fellow kakis. More fun photos are available from SengkangBabies and MyGolfKakiAcademy Fanpage.

Do pop by Daddy M (Wacky Duo) and Edmund (EdUnloaded)’s experience too.

To quote from My Golf Kaki Academy’s PR contact :
“Golf is not only a physical but also a mental game. At my golf kaki Academy, we hope to develop and nurture an interest for golf through the teaching of golf skills as well as the introduction to golf etiquette and core values. Honesty, respect and courtesy are some of the core values which we want to impart to students with the aim of building their character and shaping their learning experience in positive and meaningful ways.”

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Interested to know more?

Golf Kaki Academy’s beginner course (6 weeks) starts from $22.50, which is heavily subsidised. The course details are available here.

The bloggers’ two hours session was actually a special golf-clinic, which is available for private booking (minimum 10 students).
1. Safety Briefing and Warm Up (10min)
2. Grip, Posture, Alignment and Aim (10min)
3. Half Swing Basics (25min)
4. Full Swing (25min)
5. Putting and Chipping (25min)
6. Mini Chipping and Putting Game (25min)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Address : 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819
Operating Hours: 7am to 7pm daily. (last tee off at 5.45pm)

Contact Number: 6479 6670
Fanpage :

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